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Space and quantum technologies, together 17 Italian industries, research bodies and universities

Space and quantum technologies, together 17 Italian industries, research bodies and universities

An advanced agreement has been signed between major Italian industrial players, universities and research centers To invent quantum technologies for space. Companies, universities, institutions and research institutions in total, Currently, among 17 partnersthey announced I signed a memorandum of understanding To promote research and development activities in the field of Quantum technologies for space. The agreement aims to achieve technological excellence and the ability to establish the quantum era development system and chain. “Due to the rapid development of quantum technologies, the goal of this initiative is to Recognize the Italian excellence in this type of technology and put it on the Internet So that they can work together on one of the most avant-garde innovation fronts through collaborations and partnerships in research projects, Development and innovation in areas such as quantum cryptography, quantum communication, quantum computers, quantum sensors, and quantum metrologyExplanation of the agreement partners.

to sign the agreement Cyber ​​Security Proficiency Center 4.0; running consortium; Bruno Kessler Foundation; Gran Sasso Institute of Sciences; Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology at Cnr; National Institute of Nuclear Physics; National Institute of Optometry CNR; National Institute for Metrology Research; Leonardo. Politecnico di Milano; “Sapienza University of Rome”; Telespazio (joint venture between Leonardo 67% and Thales 33%); Thales Alenia Space Italia (joint venture between Thales 67% and Leonardo 33%); ThinkQuantum (a subsidiary of UniPd and acquired by Officina Stellare); University of Padua, University of Trento. University of Trieste.

The joint research, development and innovation activities will be directed to the applications of quantum technologies in the space sectorwith a special focus on integrating these technologies into New satellite constellations integrated with Earth systems and infrastructures Such, for example, for communication and measurement. The participants in the Protocol confirm that they also intend to cooperate in Educational and training activities dedicated to quantum space technologiesthrough, for example, coordinated development Industrial PhD Programs. The partners wish to “expand this cooperation, Expand your post to other facts as well which works in the field of innovation, putting the capacity of Italian excellence at the center of the initiative, creating a supply chain that moves from basic research to industrial production of quantum solutions for space.” Intellectual property generated from projects “Quantum Initiative” will also be provided to the partnership with the aim of joint development and continuous improvement.

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