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Sosa crowned with blue: "It's the best in Europe"

Sosa crowned with blue: “It’s the best in Europe”

championship league Stopped due to discontinuation Globalism in Qatarleaving the fans with Napoli at the top of the table. The Azzurri made an exciting start to the tournament to say the least, as they recorded 13 victories in their first 15 matches in the tournament, and they did not receive any defeats.

in Champions League Things are going well, with the group finishing first in front of runners-up LiverpoolEurope. The best way then is to silence him Doubt Summer caused by several departures replaced by various players unknown to the general public.

Photo: Getty Images – Roberto Carlos Sosa

Souza: “Kvaratskhelia essential”

The former blue player spoke a bit about Napoli Robert Carlos Sosa while sending hello from pampa broadcast on Vikonos Radio. The former striker focused on what he saw at the start of the season and on the future prospects for the resumption of the championship, as well as on the scandal in which it was involved. Juventus. The following have been reported:

Naples: “Withdraw in turkey It’s completely different, fortunately this time of year it will never happen again, and the most important thing is that infidels Practice with your teammates. Self The best player in Europe Well that is newsletter More importantly, he had back problems and rightly so, he stopped more. If you take good care of your lower back pain, you may feel discomfort in the adductor muscle, which in the long run can also lead to back pain. With Caffarra on top, Napoli – who scored nine points in three games without him – recovered 60-70% of the team’s unpredictability. This rollback will work just fineWaiting for the players to return from the World Cup. Napoli will have to sort things out a little bit in defense but if you see the arrangement and think +8 Milan+ 10 in Juventus+ 11 and upInter I feel very calm.”

Juventus investigation: “This scam More damage to the image of Italian football. There are teams that play well, do great things for movement and then, from time to time, these problems pop up: the old fears of calciopoli You can’t explain it abroad. In addition to racism, a real scourge, this story is another stain on Italian football. I hope that there will be answers from the institutions and that they will judge it clearly and strictly. I can’t stand it anymore”.