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Sony has reduced its investment in PlayStation VR2: only two games are in development, due to an indiscretion


Obviously there are no official communications on the subject, but an article from Android Central, which relays information from anonymous “inside sources”, claims that Sony has severely reduced its investments in PlayStation VR 2 And they exist now Only two games are in development Everything inside PlayStation Studios.

It’s hard to say how credible these rumors are, but it’s also true that the case for PlayStation VR2 is pretty clear to everyone: the expensive PS5 peripheral, which was launched to great fanfare in February 2023 and equipped with significantly advanced technology, was launched in February 2023. About it a little already within a few months by Sony.

The site reports that sources close to Android Central have revealed that Sony is making significant cuts to investments in its virtual reality division, after also stating that at the moment there are already… Few chances To develop virtual reality games at Sony, this seems to be the case in the future as well.

Can computer support breathe new life?

Another source, again anonymous, would also confirm the matter by specifying that at this moment, there are only two games in development for PlayStation VR2 at Sony.

A delighted PlayStation VR2 user

This may not even be bad news, considering that, with the almost complete lack of communication on the matter, the fact that there are at least two titles from PlayStation Studios could be more than expected by users of the device.

Meanwhile, at least that was announced PlayStation VR2 support for PCwith an adapter that will be available from August 7, 2024, allowing owners of the device to also use it in a Windows environment.

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