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Sonia Bruganelli Explains Why Not Attacking Tommaso Yeti In Gf Vip6

Sonia Bruganelli Explains Why Not Attacking Tommaso Yeti In Gf Vip6

Sonia Bruganelli, columnist at Big Brother Vip 6, rated The first episode of the game show, aired on Monday, September 13.

to microphones Chee’s housewife Paulo Bonolis – Known for his frankness on social media – commented the first Fibonne who crossed the door a house Italy’s Most Spy, Starting With Discussed Tommaso Elite:

I don’t have a good impression of what Tommaso show seduction Island, so if I had to judge what he said and did, I was obviously shocked. But yesterday I saw him go in, so excited, so young–because he’s 21–even if what he did was inexcusable, I think he partly understood. I get to know my father and wonder why this boy has problems with the female world. I don’t know him, maybe he will come out and we will face these dynamics. I didn’t feel like saying anything because I already saw him over the top and was embarrassed. A little bit in trouble. As a mother, I took a step back.

The broganelli Then continue commenting on his version Raffaella VicoOn the first evening the father of his daughter grew up MoreoverAnd Mario Balotelli It is called “not very present”:

I think saying that helped her. Meaning she entered, and she is a beautiful woman, I knew because she entered Big brother She gave up her virginity, then accidentally became a mother with a very famous gentleman like Balotelli So I think it’s a little related. It wasn’t a nice thing but I don’t know what their relationship looks like. You have this burden or reality that represents you. Relationships between men and women when they have children – among other things, I think she had to pull her nails to make the girl realize – are always complicated, and I think she wanted to send a strong message to Mario.

Maybe he wanted to get attention or create some news. It’s never nice for one to get personal stuff out, but if you go to Gf ​​that gets out, there it is. I expect a lot from Fico, I don’t think she came in just to pass the time and that’s it. It seems to me a woman with a lot of determination and a desire to take advantage of this situation. I don’t think it will be the first and last blow to their relationship.

The columnist was also selected Prima Dunas a house. In particular, there are two strong personalities that can clash:

surely Soleil, prove it. She has an auxiliary face, she has an angelic look. Rafaela Instead it is more difficult. Soleil She looks like a fairy but in my opinion it’s quite the opposite on the inside. the Lady Katia RicciarelliExcuse me if I may permit myself, I have shown that at a certain age when you have nothing else to prove that you are sitting down and looking at you all from top to bottom with a lot of oomph, others have to pretend and will definitely pull their claws out. maybe too Manila, which may still focus on its shape and then become larger.

and talking about worries, favorite Adriana VolpiAnd Sonya Thunder:

But why do you have to let me talk about it Adriana? (ride, ndr). why not? because yes? Everyone can be a favourite Adriana And not everyone may be. Obviously, she was in love with Sulli at the time. She needs to be pampered so much that she has a rich heart full of love and wants to give it to him. I’m a little different from her.

Within the Vipponi group, Sonya He will gladly give his love to Manuel Portozzo, the young man, promising to swim, is confined to a wheelchair due to mistaken identity:

I would like to give affection to Manuel. It shows that disability must be faced and lived with great strength and it is a beautiful message, but let us also remember that it takes a lot of effort. It is true that it should not be considered abnormal, but it is a very tiring normal condition. And in my opinion he gives a sign with his kind smile and pretty face, but let’s not forget that he is tired. It makes it seem like everything is easy and this message is beautiful, but to get to that lightness there is a very important inner work that everyone can try to do.

Finally, the broganelli I indulged in some general comments on our first night in Cinecittà. Among the various journalists’ curiosities, no one can miss Paulo Bonolis And the reactions from his wife’s first TV show:

and I know that Tommaso elect sleep between Soleil and her ex-partner, Antinulfi. He said he doesn’t know me because he’s young, like my son. Friday come to the studio said. Come see the house for next year. (Ryde, ndr). However, I am curious to know about the family Tommaso To understand many things. We are neighbors with elect? I did not know. Paulo Bonolis? The door opened for me at 2:30 in the morning because I forgot my keys, which I never expected. And he made me find pizza. Cold, though… She ate it with me on the balcony, she told me a number of things. That he loved me, and that I was right to stay in my house. He made composed comments about the things he was going to get rid of and then we went to sleep. promotion.

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