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Sondrio, who drowned in Massino stream: Who is the missing 17-year-old?


He spent an afternoon with friends on the banks of the Massino stream. But he succumbed to the temptation to beat the summer heat by plunging into the cold water of a deep pool: since then there has been no news of the 17-year-old swept away by the currents of the aqueduct in the hamlet of Categgio. In the municipal area of ​​Val Masino (Sondrio), swelling due to the bad weather that has hit the area in recent days. The youth is currently missing. From the little information that has leaked so far, we know that he is a boy of Italian descent and lives in Roe, in the province of Milan.

A wounded friend

Other youths there called for help. One of them, a 22-year-old boy from Milan’s Baggio district, plunged into the water in an attempt to rescue his friend: the attempt left him with multiple fractures in his back, leg and pelvis. However, with the help of other friends there, he at least saved himself. He was rescued by medics and rushed to the Morelli Hospital in Zondalo with the Arreu helicopter that took off from the Caiolo air base in Valtellina.


When he arrived at the hospital, he was diagnosed with head, hip and joint injuries, some fractures: he was admitted to the hospital under the yellow code. Meanwhile, the search continues for the boy who threw himself into the flood waters of the stream. Several teams of firefighters from the provincial command of Sondrio and Elinuglio from Turin are working alongside medical personnel from medical vehicles and ambulances. Two helicopters from Como and Sondrio are flying over the area to participate in aerial searches.

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