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Something remarkable is happening, this is the first time in history; Dire consequences also in Italy »

Weather: Something amazing is happening, it’s the first time in history; Dire consequences also in Italy

Something amazing is happening, it’s the first time in historyto me For the first time in history Something amazing is happening at the level of the atmosphere in Europe, with heavy Consequences also for Italy.

As so often happens in the weeks transitioning from season to season, Italy is in fact caught between a rock and a hard place: two great meteorologists set out to challenge each other in a tough fight, in an arm wrestling for which there is no winner or loser for the moment. On the one hand, we have New and unstable currents from Northern Europe, where autumn has already begun to run; On the other hand, there is Hot African flames still trying to climb northCross the Mediterranean and head straight towards our chest.

This year, however, one appeared Configuration never seen before (at least because there are records) in the mid-Atlantic with the formation of a tornado. The peculiarity of this event lies in the area in which the cyclone was “born”, that is, I Latitude 38 degrees norththat is, farther north than normal (tropical latitudes) in a region where ocean surface waters are particularly warm, up to +5°C above normal values, which is a really anomalous result for the past few months.

This enormous atmospheric machine, called Hurricane Danielin the middle the pressure decreased to 975 hPa, capable of unleashing high winds of over 140/150 km/h. Although the classification was downgraded to a non-tropical tropical storm, Daniel provocation Severe wave of bad weather Because of the turbulent movements that still resist among other things at the heart of depression.
Until Saturday 17th on the Old Continent there will be heavy rainbut the wind is also the one that makes the loudest sound, with the wind blowing 120 km/h. Along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean waves So they pray8m heightlike 2 two-storey building.

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Even in Italy we suffer the effects of this deep depression: just think of the terrible flood that occurred on Thursday 15 March in the Marche: and it is not overAnd the The bad weather will continue at least into the early part of the weekend.

Hurricane Daniel seen from satelliteHurricane Daniel seen from satellite