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"Someone tells Borione"

“Someone tells Borione”

Israel And the epidemic. A combination that has become conceptually familiar in the age of Covid. The State of Israel soon assumed the role of the international standard for an early and advanced vaccination campaign. Israel, which was a positive model or, on the contrary, a pioneer that should not be followed, was the first country to experiment with mass vaccination and with multiple doses over time. After the earth became the favorite of the vaccine, the virusstar Indulge yourself in chanting her praises.

However, the optimistic forecasts of the Israeli health system turned out to be less effective than expected. In fact, the drop in vaccination questioned Israel’s model, causing many local virostars to fall into the wrong as well. between these Roberto Burionea well-known face of TV salons and a leading figure in mainstream virology.

Burioni’s predictions about Israel’s exit from the pandemic thanks to the vaccination campaign turned out to be far from the current Israeli infection data. Although the results obtained today were announced Israel It is actually still far from closing the emergency situation related to the pandemic.

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