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"Some traces."  Tadini, a free director and manager, is under house arrest

“Some traces.” Tadini, a free director and manager, is under house arrest

Gabriel Tadini In house arrest, revocation of pre-trial detention Luigi Nerini Ed Enrico Peroccio. All three arrested during the disaster investigation have been released from prison Motoron, Which claimed the lives of fourteen people. Investigating Magistrate Donadella Ponzi Bhuvanamissi told Tadini, the head of the plant, who admitted to blocking the emergency brake by inserting barbed wire, that there was no serious evidence for the crime, such as the imposition of the Prosciutto detention on the manager and operator of the Nerini plant. They come back for free.

Motoron cable car to trial judge: “Fork already used other times”. Manager and Director: “This is his evil choice”

The judge ruled that “the statements of Gabriel Dadini and other staff were not credible enough,” while at the same time he credited Nerini and Peroccio for the extravagant accusations of downloading the option to “use the brake block on Dadini” by attorney Olympia Passy. “It does not change anything from our desire to know the truth and look for evidence. We have planned further investigations, but the broken rope has not yet been found. It does not end here. I have argued my demands for arrest, I have confidence. I have the right to carefully assess the reasons and think of a possible appeal.” The turning point came last night after a heated confrontation between the prosecutor who asked for the verification of the detentions and the trial judge who did not consider them necessary.A decision made as a result of the investigation, from nine o’clock in the morning, all three suspects shelled themselves from a distance.

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Motoron cable car, from torn cable to controls: many unanswered questions

Despite the insertion of the jaws, it is the opposite of all among those who claim that it is a shared responsibility, those who deny knowing that the fork is inserted and those who do not set foot on the plant, say safety is not the capacity of the vehicle. After years of working together, the relationship between Tadini, Peroccio and Nerini breaks down in the interview room of the Verbania prison, where they have been held in solitary confinement since Tuesday. “I will carry the burden for the rest of my life and I will be destroyed because the innocent victims are dead,” said Nurse Lawyer Marcello Berillo. The role of the great repentance of the trial is his. He is the head of the plant, he is on duty on Sunday morning, and suddenly he sees the video surveillance screen being turned off. There were stocks in the car. In front of the trial judge, Tadini reiterated: “This is true, I attached the forks to the emergency brake. I only plugged them in when there was a problem with the hydraulic pump that was losing pressure. This was because the rooms were half standing and there was a risk of passengers being dropped to the ground with baskets

But that day the cable breaks, an event that can’t be explained to the nurse: red is unbelievable. I am not a criminal. If I had imagined it might break, I would never have let people in because the emergency system was blocked. The indictment concluded that the cross-cutting of the jaws was known beyond the first investigation of the nurse with the testimonies of Ferrovi del Motoron, an employee of the management company. His lawyer, Andrea da Prato, responded by saying, “No, engineer Peroccio knows nothing,” and “there are denials that Tadini has so far reported about this intervention.” One in particular: David Marchetto, an RVS employee, was one of the companies that looked after the maintenance.

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Then there is manager Luigi Nerini, 56. “Stop saying you save on security – says his lawyer Pascual Pontano – he was aware of a problem with the braking system, but maintenance was called twice, not by Nerini to stop the cable car”. For the repairs, the guard underscores, he pays 150 thousand euros a year, and would have been more interested in blocking the cable car now to do some work than he had in the high season. “But I could not stop her,” he explained to the trial judge, giving details of “who should take care of the safety of the passengers and who is in charge of the company.” By law, he stated, “Closing the cable car was not in my power and it would have been an impediment to public action. Only those involved in security can do that. “In this case, Tadini and Peroccio.