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Some spectators may have discovered the origin of the epidemic –


there TV series to The last of us It remains very faithful to the video games but reinterprets some aspects of it, particularly in terms of world-building and the dynamics of Cordyceps infection, but some viewers may have discovered The root cause of the epidemic Based on some clues already in the first episode of the series.

Obviously, let’s assume that what has been reported represents huge potential spoilers about what is to come in the following episodes, and so those who do not intend to receive advances, even if they are only hypothesized for the time being, would probably do best to avoid reading what follows.

The Last of Us, an image from the TV series

It must be said that Craig Mazin himself, presenter of The Last of Us TV series, clearly said “Very attentive viewers, while watching this episode, can be rewarded because we have left some small crumbs that can find meaning later”, as if to confirm the fact that it is contained In the first episode of the series clues To explain the different things that develop later.

Among these will be the origin of the infection, which as we have seen spread in a different way than the germs seen in the video game, but also obviously have a different beginning. According to what has been compiled by many fans, cordyceps can start spreading flourIt initially affects everyone who deals with this product and its derivatives.

This would also explain why Joel and Sarah, along with Tommy, initially do not fall ill: on the first day of the infection, a series of coincidences keep the characters away from flour: even though it is Joel’s birthday, his daughter has to cook eggs Instead of making a cake specifically because there is no flour in the house. They both refuse to eat the biscuits offered by the neighbour’s family (which he soon becomes ill) and on the radio there is news of a catastrophic situation in Jakarta, where there are huge flour processing plants that are exported to the world.

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Later, when the situation starts to get worse, Sarah again refuses the biscuits because they contain dried fruit. All of these elements, for the masses, represent too many coincidences and could explain what the initial vector of infection was.

Obviously there is also someone here in the editorial office who has already watched the whole series but even so, we cannot, at this moment, confirm or deny the theory because we immediately blocked him on Whatsapp before he could give us any spoilers. To find out if the flour theory is correct, all that remains is to wait for all the next episodes of the series, which also became the second best debut for HBO since 2010, after House of the Dragon.


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