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Solly Sorge, the whole truth about her boyfriend Carlo comes out

Solly Sorge, the whole truth about her boyfriend Carlo comes out

The whole truth about Carlo, Sully Sorge’s friend, is revealed

Soleil riseThe protagonist of this edition of big brother vip, back to the grind of everyday life. He spends time with his mother Wendylittle dog Simba He is already facing a new adventure like columnist to Bubba and Nerdy.

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The influencer had a lot of talking about himself inside Homepage with the infamous artistic triangle With Alex Bailey And the Delia Duran Which kept many viewers on a tightrope.
Despite the kisses and hugs, the actor and Sola tell each other friends And nothing more.

No surg is fianceeOr, so you say, with a Sicilian businessman named Carlomet a few days before entering GF Vip. Jevina brought up the boy several times, but he always preferred to remain in the shadows.
Here, though, check completely fact About the mysterious friend

Is Sully Sorge’s boyfriend, Carlo, really there?

Soleil risein the long six months he spent in Homepage subordinate Big brother YousIt is always said fiancee.
She never revealed the name, but three planes had arrived that attributed her to this mysterious man waiting for her outside.

Soli Boyfriend Rise
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He is WendyGivina’s ex-mother Alfonso Signorini They tell her that this guy is still around and is ready to continue their acquaintance when the reality show is over.

Currently, Soleil Outside Homepagebut say Carlo No signal. While The influencer directly provokes and creates embarrassmentseveral photographers are stationed in front of the influencer’s house, but they have not seen her accompanied by anyone.

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former competitor of GF Vip 2 and columnist, Raphael Tottento morning 5 He reveals his thinking. declares that he has thorough knowledge of family Carlo Domingo, but because of not realizing this love story.
Raffaele also reveals that this family is very serious and has sound principles and this hints more doubts In the mind of the columnist.

let it be new Mark Caltagirone? The boy is there, but is he really Sulli’s boyfriend?
gossip portal social investigator He has clear ideas and writes on social media: “Narrated from day one. she doesn’t have a boyfriend“.

Soli Boyfriend Rise
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In short, the mystery remains. If we initially began to believe this story, now doubts return. Soleil rise truly Orator or not? Above all, what reason should he have for inventing this relationship, if it was all fiction?