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Solera.  "Gym extortion was a mafia"

Solera. “Gym extortion was a mafia”

The aggravating circumstance of Mario Timbrato and Enrico Palomo confirmed: men from the Casalesi clan terrorized the victim

Solera. A partnership that operated in an outright “mafia way” and exploited its disruptive power to ensure the benefit of all participants. The words used by the Court of Cassation in rejecting the appeal of 51-year-old Mario Timbrato of Modena and 34-year-old Enrico Palomo of Bomborto are very harsh. They are related to the Casalesi clan and thanks to the power of the name they were also able to subdue the gym manager.

The story is now known and goes back to the spring of 2014: Palummo managed to get hold of a BMW X5 after threats made to the sporting activity director: “You ended up less than two meters from the ground,” the sentence uttered during the trial that led to the extortion. Timberato, one of the most famous preachers in the Modena region, who is always considered a man of trust and very close to the top of the clan, takes part in it. “Timbrato particularly liked – he reshaped the justices of the Supreme Court – for the autocratic role he had shown, in the typical pattern of mafia enforcement.”

Indeed, the 51-year-old is not the beneficiary of extortion or even the bargain of some checks, but he is still the one asserting his intimidating power thanks to his “outspoken and repeated intimidation attitude”. Thus BMW was handed over by the businessman to Palummo “because he warned that it was linked to a larger delinquent bloc, also well represented by the promotion of a moderate presence, which on previous occasions certainly contributed to placing the victim in a state of submission to the yoke of extortion”.

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In light of all these assessments, the Supreme Court confirmed the convictions that had already appeared on appeal: 12 in total against 14 in first instance thanks to a “discount” of the merger of offenses.

But over time, Timbrato and Palomo, uncle and nephew, continued to make the couple in prison. Their role is so famous in fact that they ended up on trial after the disputed assault on “spesino” that took place in Dosa prison in Bologna. According to the ‘Ndrangheta’s penitent, Pino Giglio, the two were commissioned from Campania by Gianluigi Sarcon and Sergio Bolognino, among the leaders of the Emilian ‘Ndrangheta, to give a lesson to an inmate dealing with the distribution of groceries to other prisoners. Of this accusation, Timbrato and Palomo have always said they are innocent, but what has been revealed confirms an unusual axis between the two organizations that has continued at least since the earthquake when the ‘Ndrangheta and Casalesi chose not to compete.


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