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Solar flare photographed by NASA – the stunning photo


The destination Especially restless in this period, the fruit A new cycle just started بدأت It is scheduled to last at least until 2030. This is confirmed by the numerous spots on the surface, which indicates a sustainable activity that, in addition to having magic in itself, can generate some problems on Earth, with signal disturbances or interruptions that can affect Also the astronauts on the International Space Station (and of course those too Recently arrived on the plane subordinate Chinese space station tiangong) and satellites orbiting our planet.

Although we are aware of excessive solar activity, it is equally surprising Extraordinary solar flare Recorded (and photocopied) from della NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory. This is a radioactive explosion that occurred at 5.56 million degrees Celsius X1.5 . class, and therefore belong to the more severe ignition family.

Classification of flares: A, B, C, M, X, where A is the class of the least severe flares, and X is the most severe. Each class is 10 times stronger than the previous one, and is itself divided into 9 subclasses (for example, class X2 is 10 times stronger than class X1).

Therefore, the X1.5 class is considered one of the most intense types of detonation, even if it is less than The really amazing machine that was registered in 2017, X9.3 . classA coronal mass explosion that released energy equivalent to tens of millions of atomic bombs, disrupting telecommunications systems on Earth.

Like the European Space Agency (ESA) Orbiting Solar Observatory, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory also has its own observatory. eyes Always facing the sun, it performs the task of the keeper to provide data on the behavior of our star. The images—and information—presented thus far are of fundamental interest to science, as well as absolutely stunning. See for example the solar filaments discovered in 2017Oh Fantastic time lapse In which 10 years of our star’s activity appears in a few seconds.

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