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eclissi di sole 25 ottobre 2022

Solar Eclipse: In a few days, our star will be partially obscured, like watching the scenery visible across Italy

Without detracting from other celestial views, the solar eclipse is truly one of the most spectacular. And it’s about to return, visible all over Italy: our star will be partially obscured on October 25: a show that is hard to forget, weather permitting

Don’t miss back partial solar eclipse: On October 25, our star will be obscured by a cone of shadows and will appear partially “eaten”. Everything is ready for this show, weather permitting, it will be Visible all over Italy.

What is a partial solar eclipse?

Solar Eclipse October 25, 2022

© Eclipsewise

When the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned in this order but not perfectly, our satellite will partially “cover” our star, which will therefore appear partially “eaten” for a few minutes.

This phenomenon (like the phenomenon of totality) is actually due to the shadow of the Moon projecting to the Earth, which generates a cone of darkness on our planet, from which this phenomenon is observed. Therefore, it is not the moon itself that blocks the sun, as is sometimes mistakenly believed.

How to Observe the Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022

Solar Eclipse October 25, 2022

© Timeandate

The display will be visible throughout Italy (weather permitting), as well as in the rest of Europe, in Northeast Africa, in the Middle East and the eastern part of Asia.

Here are the timetables (Rome):

  • Eclipse begins – 10:58 a.m
  • Maximum eclipse – 1.00 pm
  • The end of the eclipse – H 02.15.2020

The maximum “sun” percentage depends on latitude. as he explains time and date especially:

  • in Belluno 29%
  • in Rome 27%
  • in Palermo 22%
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And an eclipse, as you know, does not come by itself. In fact, a total lunar eclipse is expected on November 8 (but unfortunately in Italy we will have to settle for broadcasting).

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