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Social Networks Towards Voting: TiKTok is gearing up for elections in Italy and the US

Social Networks Towards Voting: TiKTok is gearing up for elections in Italy and the US

Two are approaching Important electoral appointments, Italy and America: In our country, today the 25th of September, the election campaign has officially started that will bring us to vote for politics; In the US, consultations will be held in November Middle AgesThis is always a significant test for the current presidency.

Like everyone else Social websiteEven TikTok is putting together a series Countermeasures Try not to end up in the inevitable spiral of misinformation, fake news and propaganda that always accompanies these events: After receiving us “Looking forward to the scope of developing new features TikTok Italia confirmed what these “new features” are to provide our social official app information about the Italian elections.

TikTok banner you can do & ograve;  Click to access Election Center

Click on the Tiktok banner to access the Election Center

How TikTok is Adapting to the Italian Elections

First, implemented A polling station (Available from here, Ed) “Information on Voting Patterns” provided by Company Sources is intended to help those who interact with the Content obtain reliable sources and information on the subject: We previewed itAnd we were able to appreciate how all the links to the Italian government, the Ministry of the Interior, the Eligendo site (you can follow the count live) or out of pages of pages lead to reliable sites. Fact checkers collaborating with TikTok in Italy.

And, starting in the next few days, “we will use specific labels Content related to 2022 political electionsas well as those proposed by the accounts of politicians and parties “: By clicking on the banners, people can access the “Election Center “, which can also be reached by searching Thematic hashtags like #Elections2022 and #elections“So anyone looking for this kind of content can access Election Center in an easy way”.

In general, “users should also remember that they can use our tools Automatically excludes videos “Pages for you and followers that contain terms or hashtags they don’t want to see, (for example) The I don’t care button, its function is explained here. Broadly speaking, paid and even political ads are not allowed on TikTok Community Guidelines prohibit content that provides false information ElectionAbuse, hateful behavior and violent extremism”.

As we have already explained in Italian technology, The platform uses a combination of human moderators and artificial intelligence Rules should be enforced, all tools that are strengthened during these subtle weeks. Regarding the verification of information: “When subjected to fact-checking or its authenticity cannot be verified, a content Your recommendation is not eligible“We also inform users when the veracity of a piece of content has not been verified, and invite them to think before sharing misleading information.”

What’s happening on Tiktok for the US election

For the United States, the situation is similar: the impending opening of a Election Center It refers to verified information (accessible from various parts of the application, including search results), in conjunction with Associated Press Ban on election results and paid political advertising.

Interesting detail: This ban This extends to influencers as well Not necessarily tied to a particular party, but which parties use (and pay for) the most to convey their messages, trying to exploit their popularity. Even these contents will be punished and banned, and in any case Creators cannot monetize them (Simplification: they don’t end with the total number of monetized views).

If not more important, the US election race for TikTok Definitely very soft: For more than two years (since Trump threatened to block it), the social network has been in the crosshairs of US officials for its ties to China. Disputes are frequent It deals with US subscriber data access, the respondent company signed an agreement with Oracle to retain information on US soil. It is obvious that some missteps related to the midterm elections will complicate the already complicated relationship.

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