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Social controversy over the women’s chandelier at the Diletta Leotta – Ultima Ora . party

(ANSA) – ROME, August 16 – Controversy has been unleashed over some photos of Diletta Liotta’s birthday party as young women have been seen “turning” into chandeliers on social media and trends are leaping forward: Girls actually have a lampshade on a head. One said on Twitter: “Rich women on a woman’s birthday in 2021 is insulting to me.” “Girls who use in the style of decoration are abominable” is echoed by someone else. “For her birthday, the person reiterating that beauty ‘happens’, hires women to wear chandeliers” is another disagreeable comment.

“Hey, what work do you do? The women’s chandelier at the birthdays of celebrities who make high-fashion speeches in Sanremo,” says another. Someone also points out: “Maybe it’s not your choice, maybe the agency that handles these events is generating such garbage. In any case, if you’re a public figure, you can’t accept their use.” – handkerchiefs. At your party.

Finally, there are those who believe there are more important emergencies at this time: “#DilettaLeotta for better or worse is on trend with what’s happening to thousands of women in the Middle East” is one of the comments.

The broadcaster celebrated 30 years since a huge party in Sicily which was also attended by Elodie and Rossella Fiamingo. Is it possible that Yaman did not “see”? (handle).

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