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"So we went our first night together"

“So we went our first night together”

After the adventure to big brother vipthe reality show that made them know and love, Manuel Portozzo and Lucrezia Selassie Complete their incredible love story that every day becomes more and more certain even far from the lights of Cinecittà. In fact, the two previous gifs are now inseparable and those who follow them on their Instagram social profiles are still dreaming about them, including gifting, videos and moments together.

Gf Vip, Manuel and Lulu reveal it all: ‘This is how our first night together went’

I met him weekly New TVAnd the Manuel and Lulu They told each other without filters, Revealing how their first night together went after wrapping up Gf Vip.

“It’s all right! But we have no doubt, he is so beautiful between us, in every sense of the word. In short, it is and will be as we hoped it to be”

Swimmer’s ear from Trieste Desire to be a father That this desire took him today, for the first time, beside her lulu:

“When the time comes we won’t think twice and we will resort to assisted fertilization. Before now, the idea of ​​having a baby had never crossed my mind, but Lulu gives me the serenity to believe that you can cure anything without problems”

Bortozo and Lulu They also went to live together. Two ex-Givins live in an apartment in Rome on two levels: on the first floor lives a family Manuel, while in Downstairs is their new beautiful home. There are also many projects for the two former protagonists of the game reality By Mediaset, including Great Wish Manuel To be able to participate in the Paris Paralympics in 2024.

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