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So Joe Biden saved the ultra-conservative judge Clarence Thomas

So Joe Biden saved the ultra-conservative judge Clarence Thomas

For a Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas, After the same court decided to dismiss the case of Roe v. Wade, who since 1973 has ensured that pregnant women can have abortions on a federal scale, is a really good time. Since joining the court in 1991, he has been a vocal opponent of the provision protecting the right to abortion. Now, thanks to the three judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, the court has overturned Roe v. Wade and Thomas’ mission is arguably accomplished, though he returned on Friday to the indignation of American liberals when he said the landmark Supreme Court rulings establishing gay rights and contraceptive rights. they must “be reconsideredNow that the federal right to abortion has been lifted. Thomas was appointed by George H.W. Bush, but there’s another fairly important person the judge should thank, even today, if he’s a member of the Supreme Court: the current tenant of the White House, Joe Biden.

When Biden “saved” the hardline conservative judge

It was 1991 and Joe Biden was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee when President George HW Bush submitted Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court. Anita HillThe judge’s co-worker came forward and accused the judge of sexually assaulting her while he was her supervisor at the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Thomas denied the allegations, saying they were based on stereotypes against black men. “It was more convenient to remain silentHill announced at the time.But when a representative of this committee asked me to share my experience, I felt I had to tell the truth. I can’t be silent“.

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Abortion even the President of the United States under indictment

In the context of the dramatic testimony, Anita Hill was heavily criticized by the committee headed by then-Senator Joe Bean, and in particular by representatives of the Republican Party, who defended the judge nominated by Father Bush. Although he could not control his fellow Republicans, Biden “controlled” the proceedings, which ended before a number of women testified in support of Hill’s thesis. As explained file The New York Times In 2019, a potential witness, sugar hardnetA Silver Spring attorney said in an interview that she decided to come forward while watching the hearing on TV when she saw what was happening to Anita Hill and the Republicans trying to destroy her. Hardnett wrote a letter detailing her experience and submitted it to the committee through the dean of the law school, expecting to be called to testify.

However, that call did not come. As Corriere della Sera recalls, after his confirmation before the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas said: “Progressives ruined my life for 43 years. Now I will spoil them in the next 43“A word the judge now wants to keep, also thanks to Biden’s very poor job as chair of the committee investigating his (alleged) harassment. And it’s no coincidence that in 2019, at the start of his presidential campaign in 2019, Biden called Hill to publicly apologize for what she has had to endure since 28. In hindsight: the past returns sooner or later.