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‘Snow Apocalypse’ Threatens America, Temperatures Plunge to -57C; Updates »

Weather: ‘Snow apocalypse’ threatens US, temperatures drop to -57C; Updates

Snow Disaster (Snow Apocalypse in America)The Americans have already named her.Snow Apocalypse“, a real one Snow disaster in America. Only the governors of 7 states have declared the state of emergency precisely An unusual wave of bad weather in the US; A series of blizzards, combined with a strengthening Canadian polar vortex, have already brought the first effects to Wyoming. Record temperatures down to -57 degrees Celsius.

The snowfall They also reached the north New York, around 2,000 domestic and international flights were disrupted and cancelled. Local meteorologists have already dubbed the storm of the century a “snow disaster.” In fact, an event of this magnitude is not remembered for at least one generation. Further Joe Biden He descended to the ground to warn the people: “This isn’t a snow day like when we were kids, this is serious business“, then warns: “‘Be careful, follow the signs, this is no ordinary snowfall“.

It’s like living in a famous movie.”day after tomorrow“, with a’Sudden cold can do Decline Temperature d20-30°C in a few tens of minutes. Decline stands out +6°C to -16°C 55 minutes apart in Wyoming. Even below -10°C in Dallas, Texas. A crazy low of 30 degrees Celsius has also been reported Oklahomapasses through +7°C to -23°C In just 90 minutes.

there National Guard It will be used in many states, from Colorado to Connecticut, Kentucky to Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina and Oklahoma. Unexpectedly Many were also affected due to bad weather For road accidents caused by icy roads and high winds. But let’s see what happens in the next few hours.

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White Christmas in New York. On Christmas Eve, cold cargo will easily overtake the East Coast Washington DC to do BaltimoreAnd passing by New York And PhiladelphiaUntil then Boston.
Thus, A White Christmas Cities like Indianapolis (Indiana), Columbus (Ohio), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) have minimum temperatures of -15/-20°C and Down to -11°C in New York. Precipitation will be confined to the Lake District as heavy snowstorms sweep western New York and Pennsylvania and Michigan through Christmas.

And inside Italy? First, create the required prototype: Structures related to the North American continent will have no effect on the expected weather in EuropeWe are so far away, after all they are “local” dynamics, i.e. they can’t concern the whole hemisphere!
Until a few hours ago General Winter seemed to be able to raise his voice again By the end of this 2022The latest updates from a while ago go in almost the opposite direction: in short, instead of frost, there could be a lot of rain.
Let’s talk about that again…