Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Smash everything! Dreams, hopes and fears of the coming winter (with snow) »


Urgent Weather Statement: All Meltdowns! Dreams, hopes and fears of a coming winter (with snow).

Everything changes this time we are here, everything falls apartOften hung in the past few months in surreal warmth, but sometimes battered and even caught off guard by unusually heavy rains, we have lived this beginning of winter waiting for a change in the inevitable arrival of the cold, as always, and as it is. It’s always the case. Time, will divide us among those who love The snow And who does not.

Until a few days ago there was nothing on the horizon that would extinguish any imagination, but today the computer cores, now the true architects of weather forecasts for any time scale, shine a light in the dark, altering perspectives: Now everything is changing (and falling apart)!

The bubble in which we have been slowly dragging ourselves in for months, since that summer so long for many, but perhaps too short for others, is destined in any case to evaporate, leaving us only the usual memories of a passing season, which whether they are for a holiday or just a vacation Weekend, night, star.

But it also lights up Hopes intertwine with dreams of the coming winterbetween wanting snow, skiing, or solitude afraid Out of season in many ways rough and dark.

Winter pilot of the year From the polar currents of the Scandinavian cyclone bullIt is approaching with great strides and soon in a few hours and in the next few days it will give us many opportunities to see our city or village again. Exonerate yourself In order to return, at least for a moment, to being children again, in that bubble, so sweet and natural, in which everything was so sweet and easy and carefree and unaware of the world and life, but in general always conscious since then, that nature He is always there watching us. Unpredictable.

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