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Smartphones, do they actually emit harmful radiation?  the truth

Smartphones, do they actually emit harmful radiation? the truth

We don’t know how to live without a smartphone now, anyone who owns a smartphone. Is the radiation they emit harmful to our health? the truth.

Smartphone with white cable – Pixabay

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How do we live without smart phone? This is certainly an interesting starting point, and unfortunately a useful question we already know the answer to. In fact, as we all know, these advanced and technological devices allow us to carry out many activities throughout the day, becoming a full-fledged computer.

However, what is worrisome is the radiation emitted by these, a troubling fact that has intrigued many people: in fact, many scientists from every corner of the world have taken steps to understand whether there is a radioactive connection and health risksIn this case, cancer.

Smartphone, is radiation harmful? the truth

Smartphone radiation
Smartphone in your hands – Pixabay

The issue of radiation and cancer has rocked the world’s scientific community because given the many cases of cancer, we want to clarify if there is any connection. Many European studios They come specifically from Scandinavia: an interesting country Danish study It started in 2004 but spanned a decade in order to monitor a potential link. In the end, this study denied that this radiation can cause cancer.

The team that followed up on a Swedish study in 2005 that showed no link between pathology and cellularity reached the same conclusion. One I study English and German We come to the same conclusions. But victory has to be claimed because other studies have turned it upside down and come to different, conflicting conclusions, namely, the positive affirmation of the harmful association.

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In short, the question is open and therefore worthy of further research. However, a distinction was made regarding nuclear radiationThe latter is defined as an ionizer capable of destroying human DNA, thus providing carcinogenic risks. We should wait and keep looking for concrete data and with a high degree of certainty, if in doubt, avoid sleeping with your cell phone in or in the immediate vicinity.