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smartphone battery |  The trick to making them last longer and saving big!

smartphone battery | The trick to making them last longer and saving big!

With this trick, your smartphone’s battery will last longer and you will save a lot in terms of electricity: try it!

When it comes to saving on the electricity bill, it is clear that the first thing that comes to mind is certainly not our smartphone, but for example appliances or lights in the house. We spend hours and hours trying to save electricity by turning off the lights or using very little appliances, but not everyone knows that you can save energy, and thus pay less on your bill, even by adopting simple tricks and solutions for your mobile phone.

Modern smartphones have high performance batteries because the more we keep working with new models, the more processes and computing power that obviously puts a strain on the battery. Especially if we use our mobile phone day and night without ever turning it off, if we use it away from home always keeping the 5G data connection turned on and if we use power-draining apps, the battery will obviously run out quickly. time and we will have to plug the mobile phone into the wall many times during the day: that’s why we have to adopt alternative solutions!

How much does a smartphone consume?

Many believe that using a smartphone, since it does not use electricity in our home, has nothing to do with the electricity consumption and bills we receive at the end of the month. However, this is not entirely true because, as mentioned, if we use the cell phone a lot and above all if we use it incorrectly we will have to recharge the battery more often and therefore consume more electricity: needless to say, this leads to a bad sting on the bill At the end of the month!

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We want to avoid all this because we are here to save money and not to increase the waste of electricity, so we have to make sure that we recharge our smartphone several times during the day, even Once only per day if we are good at saving energy.
It doesn’t cost much to charge your phone (approx 1 euro per year), but it is clear that if we start recharging the smartphone several times during the day and maybe leave the charger connected to power all day, the cost multiplies exponentially.

Money Saving Solutions: No more bill scams

To avoid all this and have moderate consumption and costs in the bill, we must also adopt simple solutions for our smartphone to avoid recharging it several times during the day or leaving it in charge for too long which wastes a lot of electricity.
The first thing to do is activate the Energy savingespecially if your cell phone battery lasts less than average: by doing this, you will be able to keep your smartphone alive even for a whole day without charging it continuously.

The second solution is to get rid of all those applications that require a lot of power to run, or in any case use a little: for example, there are many applications that consume power in the background because they use GPS data (one such application is Tinder) and your battery will run out in no time. Finally you need to take advantage of fast charging Provided by many smartphones to greatly reduce the time it takes for the battery to reach 100%. By adopting all of these tricks, you will see huge differences in your bill costs!

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