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Serrature intelligenti, è boom di richieste

Smart locks, demand is increasing, thieves are shaking!

The data speaks for itself: there are many Italians (9 million) who are afraid to be alone at home at night. This feeling is justified by the ever-increasing number of home burglaries. Already in 2019, more than 165,000 thefts were reported, and the numbers are growing. The need to fully protect one’s home justifies the surge in requests for smart locks.

If in the past you were content to simply lock the door with a double key, today things have changed. The armored doors I’m definitely the type Protection from the most frequently used intrusions In Italy (estimated to be about 67% of the population has one). One in three Italians have installed handrails on windows, 37% rely on alarm systems, and 30% have at least one surveillance camera.

in a world where smart technology It takes root more and more, the security field can definitely not be cut off. there he is 83% of the respondents In the context of a recent survey claiming to be so Tends to install a smart home remote control system.

here is that Smart locks and related security doors They testify Good increase in orders, which is not an issue! In fact, they guarantee Highest levels of security Because they use encrypted protection. Keypads, remote controls, biometric readers, badges, and smartphones are the devices with which homes can be accessed.

New smart locks remote control: You can open and close the door directly from your smartphone wherever you are. The locks, which are electrically operated, are Equipped with a lithium battery who guarantees its work Even in cases where there is no light.

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