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Smart Glasses, a really amazing new function arrives: everyone is obsessed with it


There’s an interesting new feature coming to smart glasses – and you can’t help but use it now.

Nowadays, when we talk about electronic devices, the first thing we think of is mobile phones. Let’s talk about the most widely used technical products at the moment, which no one can clearly do without. When it comes to making calls, sending messages or having fun, a smartphone plays an essential role. We find other interesting activities including computers or tablets, And even in some smart glasses.

Smart glasses: here’s what you can do now on

Google’s augmented reality glasses are an obvious example. It allows us to connect with virtual reality, giving us a different perspective on life. It is always interesting to use them for this reason. As if that wasn’t enough it was launched A function that will now also be available for these glasses. Read on to find out which one we’re talking about – it will definitely help you.

Smart Glasses, you have always been waiting for this function: it is very useful

The function in question is an improvement aimed at Google translator. Users have been waiting for something like this for a long time. But there was no news about it, so we were eagerly waiting for such news. It looks like Google Translate You will receive a major language update.which will be more and will practically leave no one aside.

Google Translate for Google AR has also been updated

But what languages ​​exactly are we talking about? Some examples that can be given are:Afara tonal language spoken in Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Even the Cantonese It is among the most requested languages ​​for Google Translate, and now it will be available to anyone. Then we also find ManxI Nkoif Shahmukh Oh LBerber. A series of languages ​​are all interesting to add, so We will finally be able to learn through augmented reality glasses.

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Google’s goal is to improve its systems day by day. However, to do this, it needs people’s help and above all time. It also revealed a big secret recently, which is that it wants to create a certain artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence capable of speaking all the languages ​​of the world, which we currently know to be more than 1,000. It’s certainly a good challenge, but not impossible for an artificial machine. We will see if he succeeds sooner or later. For now, the new update with augmented reality glasses is worth enjoying.

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