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Small startups grow, this is how A-Road does it

Small startups grow, this is how A-Road does it

Startups are born and in Italy they are becoming more and more innovative But then you have to grow and hold together to become Large scale and then the real successful companies. It starts with this goal A-Road with the first batch of acceleration and fundraising for 5 select scalings: Barberino’s, GoVolt, HiNelson, Homepal, The Elite Acceleration and Fundraising Program from Growth Capital has announced the selection of 5 young companies Who will receive support to face the path of growth and guidance And soon you reach the first division round To collect new investment and move forward towards more consolidated growth than ever before.

Benefit from the consolidated expertise of highly successful companies and mentors that are rapidly growing They will support step-by-step expansions during the acceleration process towards a round of €2 million to €10 million. The domains involved are Personal care brand Barberino which focuses on the male lifestyle with an offer that includes barbershops and a range of private label products; GoVolt operating in the urban logistics sector for the last mile of 100% electricity through a dedicated technology infrastructure; hello nelson It is the Italian reference point for B2C online sales of boat and fishing components with a catalog of more than 40,000 products, and a few months ago it landed in Spain, France and Germany.

Out of 5 scales were also selected HomePal It is the first digital real estate agency in Italy, online since 2016, created with the aim of managing the sale and purchase of residential properties in complete safety, with a savings of more than 60% compared to traditional agencies; indigo It is a complete conversational AI platform for designing and building custom chatbots and chat interfaces. Fabio Mondini de Fucates, founder and CEO of Cross Border Growth Capital, On the occasion of the launch of the event held at Legance headquarters in Milan, comment on it A team of exceptional CEOs and mentors, best-in-class partners In their sector and the investment paid on the first day are the distinguishing elements of an exclusive and unique program in Italy.” “We are proud – he added – To launch the first batch of A-Road along with 5 high-potential expansions who, thanks to the acceleration process and fundraising by a dedicated full-time team, will be able to implement their growth quickly and successfully close the first division round.”

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The program relies on the contribution of a high-level team of senior executives and mentors, on training support provided by selected partners, leading experts in their sector of reference, and an initial investment of up to 500,000 euros. Driving the growth of the five selected companies, directors of the caliber of Roger Abravanel, director emeritus at McKinsey and co-founder of Digitail; Marco Ariello, former president of the Moleskine Foundation; Paola Bonomo, Member of the Investment Committee at NIVA and Non-Executive Director at TIM, AXA, Piquadro, Sisal, FAC; Nicolas de Campli, founder of DigitalCapitalFactory and; Tommaso Gamaleri, CEO of Europe Younited, Melina Mondini, CEO of the Admiral Group, and Ducio Vitale, CEO of Alkemy; Andrea Zucci, Director Emeritus at McKinsey and Co-Founder and CEO of Digitail.

The Growth Program for the five young companies focuses on a series of workshops, thematic seminars and one-on-one consultations Provided by innovation professionals and A-Road partners McKinsey & Company, Amazon, Legance, Carter & Benson, Sisvel, Studio Notai Associati Ricci, Radaelli, Studio Cs and Press Play. Finally, Growth Capital will provide fundraising support, study a customized approach to each startup’s first round, and identify the most suitable investors and investment structure.

The five measurements, selected for the first batch of two annual batches of 6 months each, thus reaching an initial investment through a convertible instrument from €200,000 to €500,000 Presented by Growth Engine, an investment holding company in start-ups and companies with high growth potential founded by Michele Abendino, Marco Arriello, Andrea Marangoni, and Fabio Mondini de Fucates, venture capital professionals with a proven track record.

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