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Slapping Has Become a Sport: It’s Popular in America (and Makes a Lot of Money)


It is a sport born in America and has generated a lot of debate, but it clearly gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money.

The clear and obvious difference in the perception of sports between the United States and Europe is now clear to everyone. This can be seen, for example, in the distance between the United States and soccer, the most widely popular sport in the Old Continent, or how American football or baseball struggle to gain recognition in Italy and Europe.

Slapping is a sport in America (

However, a series of differences somehow brought the two cultures closer together, as both were fascinated by these distinctive characteristics. So it happens that Major League Soccer There is a well-followed soccer league in the United States and Formula 1 is increasingly being followed.

On the other hand, knowledge of some typical American facts is also expanding in Europe, both with wrestling and with WWE and AEW Witness a golden moment withNational Basketball Association It is definitely the most followed basketball tournament. However, these are the main and popular sports, but there are many other disciplines that are truly unique.

The sport that has never been seen before and that has certainly caused a lot of discussion has recently become very popular in the United States of America. According to the well-known actor Alessandro Gassman, As I mentioned,Corriere della Sera“It’s crazy, but in the end this innovative event will definitely be broadcast in Italy as well.

Power Slap: What It Is, How It Works, and Its Rules

Thus it was born for all intents and purposes as a sporting discipline.Power slap“, or what can be defined as a slapping contest. It seems unbelievable, but the giant company Dazn, now known to everyone for controlling the Italian league, bought the television broadcasting rights to program this event.

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Strong slap (YouTube –

But these events should not be confused as mere illogical folklore competitions, but at the head of this union there is Dana White Or the President of the Republic UFC, The most famous martial arts in the world. In order for the fight to start, the first thing required is a coin flip by the referee to determine which of the two will start with the first slap.

At this point, the first fighter will have 60 seconds to launch his attack, which must be with fully open hands and must be launched below the eye and above the chin. So the one who was hit has 60 seconds to recover and then launch his attack in turn.

Generally, there will be three rounds, and at the end of these rounds, if there is no winner, the judges will decide as in boxing. There are five categories (super heavyweight, heavyweight, heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight). Friday Who is the new super heavyweight champion in the discipline, the winner on October 25, 2023. John Davis (For medium weights) h Christopher Thomas (For the welterweight) They are the longest-serving champions, having held the title since March 11 and the champion will receive a prize of $5,000, or approximately €4,700.

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