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Sixteen doctors leave the Livorno hospital in 2021: there is also the head of the Department of Neurology

Sixteen doctors leave the Livorno hospital in 2021: there is also the head of the Department of Neurology

He has headed the department since 2004 and will be leaving in October. A wave of retirements in Viale Alfieri: Three anesthesiologists are gone

Livorno. The chief medical officer will be leaving hospital soon due to age restrictions. It is located around Giuseppe MeucciSpedali Riuniti Column, where since 2004 he has been the Director of the Department of Neurology.

Mitucci, born in 1952, will retire at the end of summer, on October 1.

Its release comes after other recent important names in the history of Viale Alfieri, such as Giovanni Nicoli (diseases of the digestive system), Maurizio Vitti (General Surgery), Manrico Bossio (radiation therapy) e Piero Bala (Transfusional). The last primary doctor to leave the hospital was a pulmonologist at the end of last year Regoleta Vincente.

During his nearly 20 years at Spedali Riuniti, where he arrived after supervising neuropathology at Lotti di Pontedera for two years, Meucci has followed in his ward thousands of Livorno residents suffering from neurological diseases, combining his clinical activity with important scientific productions specifically focused On the analysis of alcohol, demyelinating diseases, ranging from the most common multiple sclerosis, the study of sleep disorders, with more than 100 publications in Italian and international journals.

In all hospitals, 16 doctors have left or will retire in 2021.

However, the other most famous name that left Viale Alfieri just two weeks ago is that of an anatomist Alessandro Cosimi: The former mayor has not retired but has taken his place as show director for South East Tuscany USL (Grosseto, Siena, Arezzo) where he won the competition.

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Cosimi is now on vacation, but Livorno’s farewell should become final in six months.

Returning to retirees this year, the most affected area will be the recovery area: here, after the latest release of Rosella TofaniHeld last February, 67 years old, she just hung up her coat too Alessandro Ciari, born in 1957, since 1993 in the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care while on July 1 it will be a role Luigi Cassini, born in 1956, has been in service in Viale Alfieri since 1989.

Also on July 1 they will retire Maria Giovanna Leone, from the Department of Prevention, e Anna Maria Christini, 62, has been a physician in the Department of Medicine since 1991, from which he will also leave in October Roberto Decherchy, for years responsible for metabolic urgency.

Finally, in November, the chest surgeon will bid farewell to the hospital Marina Petanti, 62 years old, in the sixth ward since 1991, psychiatrist Simonetta Starnini From the Department of Mental Health H Nuncio Fidel Strossi, a veterinarian working in the Prevention Department since 2001, with a series of assignments including coordinating the retail and wholesale trade of products of animal and plant origin throughout the region.

The radiologists had retired in recent weeks Ricardo Bentenese e Franco Paoletti, cardiologist Manuela Lorenzini, psychologist Marco Marinari, Urologist Vincenzo Marino.

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