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Sinner beats Kokkinakis in two sets and flies to the third round of Indian Wells

Sinner beats Kokkinakis in two sets and flies to the third round of Indian Wells

Everything is easy for him Yannick Siner For the first time in Masters 1000 in Indian Wells. The Italian champion, ranked third in the world, defeated the Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis In two sets (score 6-3, 6-0). After a complicated start to the match, in which the Italian never trailed, it was the serve that made the difference. In addition to the change of pace imposed by the winner of the Australian Open. Which Al Third roundThe winner of the challenge will face… Korek H Struve.

Sinner also won the second set against Kokkinakis

Second set Sinner-Kokkinakis 6-0: Kokkinakis remains scoreless, and Sinner's serve is too strong at this stage of the match to think about winning returns. Thanks to this victory, the Italian champion qualifies for the third round.

Secondo set for Sinner-Kokkinakis 5-0: The Australian puts up the sixth ace of his match, but it's not enough to stop Sinner.

Sindou limited Sinner-Kokkinakis 4-0: In Game 4, Kokkinakis at least showed some pride and hit two career-high shots, to the tune of 30 points. Alarm area. Sinner got back on top of the game and closed it out with such apparent ease that it would leave you speechless.

Secondo Siner-Kokkinakis set 3-0: Part of 12 points to 0. The light went off in Kokkinakis' head, also thanks to the increasingly high pace of play imposed by Sinner. Unfortunately, the match is scheduled to end soon. Best for Blue, who has been receiving excellent responses from his physique on his debut.

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Sindou Sener Kokkinakis 2-0The second half of the second set passes quickly. The foul serves and leaves Kokkinakis scoreless.

Secondo Siner-Kokkinakis set 1-0: Kokkinakis was out of sorts for the first two-thirds of the first set. Sinner takes advantage of this by instantly breaking his opponent. The Australian looks tired.

Siner wins the first set against Kokkinakis

First set Sinner-Kokkinakis 6-3: Sinner ends the first set with a serve and a volley. Kokkinakis felt the psychological repercussions of the break, so he played fast and furious.

First set Sinner-Kokkinakis 5-3:Break sinner! At the decisive moment for the group, when needed. With a perfect long line and an almost impossible to find angle, the blue led Kokkinakis to the advantage. Then he managed the matter wisely: he did not force, but rather waited until his opponent made a mistake. Bugs arrived immediately.

First set Sinner-Kokkinakis 4-3The first part of the seventh game passes quickly thanks to Sinner's deadly serve (30-0). Then Kokkinakis takes the blue scale and pulls it up to the best. This is where the Australian Open winner increases the frequency of his shots, leaving his opponent no chance.

Primo Siner set Kokkinakis 3-3: Kokkinakis holds serve despite the first double fault in his match. Well done, Australian, for turning Sinner's answers into points.

First set Sinner-Kokkinakis 3-2: The unfavorable result and the blunder did not undermine Sinner who pushed Kokkinakis, with the determination that led him to third place in the world, to the first advantages of the match. Which the South Tyrol side dominated by making the Australian run far and wide across the pitch.

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First set Sinner-Kokkinakis 2-2: In two rounds of serving, Kokkinakis has already made four aces, which is great. A fact that forces Sinner to play as much as possible in prolonged exchanges, where he is clearly stronger. However, it is not easy to keep the ball on the field in the first line and then be able to put the opponent in a difficult position.

First set Sinner-Kokkinakis 2-1: The match gets to the heart of things right away. In addition to forcing Sinner to serve, he actually had to sharpen his reflexes in the third game to avoid being broken.

Primo Siner-Kokkinakis set 1-1: It may not be Sinner's serve, but Kokkinakis' serve is scary and effective too. However, the Australian must be careful because the Italian, through two long runs, has already shown him that he is in good form.

First set Siner-Kokkinakis 1-0: Blue starts the match by serving under the eyes of coach Darren Cahill. Kokkinakis, who is still only 15, finds it difficult to respond immediately.