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Silvia Sales, a taxi driver who refuses ATMs: Banks are over

Silvia Sales, a taxi driver who refuses ATMs: Banks are over

The former hammer throwing champion and former Coni vice president denounced the unpleasant episode on Instagram, but thanked the majority of workers who work differently.

unfortunate episode that Sylvia Sales Post it to the public on Instagram. Kony’s vice president initially recounted what happened to her, stating that the man was verbally aggressive and felt legitimized. He explained, “It is a pity that people like this discredit an essential class of our country, made up of honest workers, subject to tiring shifts and great dangers.” Sallis concluded, “It is the respected taxi drivers, not customers like myself, who are the first to be affected by these events.”

POS and cash: the contentious rule – Raising the minimum payment with points of sale, contained in the right-of-centre maneuver, has provoked various criticisms from the political world of the opposition, but not only. Self Salvini called “a pain in the ass” Those who ask to pay small expenses by debit card, the Court of Auditors has ruled Not compatible with Pnrr The new rule.

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