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Shock in opinion after betrayal. The shocking reaction: “I threw him from the third floor.” Frost lives

Serena Burton continues to host various personalities in her studio. The situations that are told aren’t always fun, but sometimes they also have something completely horrific in them. On the episode that aired last Friday, the entire studio was frozen over an unexpected confession. Here are all the details

Friday is not always an easy day and la showed it too Today’s presenter is another daySerena Burton. Yesterday, December 2, at the beginning of the episode, Burton revealed that she was in trouble.

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Each time, with the arrival of Friday, the presenter gets a file barely a hiss. After explaining this situation, introduce each people in the studiothat’s saying Antonio Mezzanella, Massimo Cannoletta, Jessica Morlacci, Francesco Ubini and Laura Freddy. During the theme song, the presenter also affectionately scolds the sports journalist and musician for their constant movement in the studio.

The shock reaction

after this Chaotic startThe episode continued with interviews from various guests such as the actress Claudia Pandolficlerk Francis Cicconeti and actress Paula Pythagoras. there Pythagoras He’s delved a lot into his career, and he’s talked about it, too Rafaela Carawith whom he had a very deep relationship.
She was indeed…she was listening to music in the dressing room, and she was enthusiastic, cheerful, and talented. We were not friends in the sense of dating abroad, but there was always a friendly and wonderful relationship. You can already feel his cuteness, what a gasp and genius he is.Those were the lovely words expended towards her Rafaela Cara.

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It wasn’t the only topic discussed, but there were some words from the actress that brought it up Study in disturbances.

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Paula PythagorasLanostrav also reported that she divorced her husband because she discovered infidelity. At that time she was married to Renato Mambore, who was discovered during the betrayal. Paola Pitagora said:Put horns on me. Once I got home unannounced, he was in good company and ran away. The situation is happening, I took the bed and I threw it from the third floor. It was terrible.”
In short, at that time it certainly was Painful experiencebut it was too late, the actress managed to tell everything with a smile on her lips.