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“She’s already back to work.” Rumors


Countdown. We’re less than a week away from the start of Temptation Island 2024. The Temptations reality show returns on Thursday, June 27 on Canale 5, so get your popcorn ready. Pairs introduced: Syria and Matthew, Jenny and Tony, Christian and Ludovica, Raul and Martina, Victoria and Alex, Luca is Gaia, Lino and AliciaThey are the heroes of this edition who have already arrived at Is Morus Relais, the village of temptation in Sardinia. According to Filippo Peccilia, this will be the first edition. In fact, the contestants were disbanded – as announced by the host – immediately (perhaps too much – editor’s note). There was even talk of a rapid exclusion: after only 5 days of staying in the village, a couple had in fact been excluded (according to Novella 2000) for violating the regulations. These are obviously rumors at the moment but a post has appeared on the show’s Instagram profile where the search is still ongoing for couples to take part in the show, despite the imminent start. So maybe the news of the exclusion isn’t just a rumor after all. But who is he?

Temptation Island 2024, a couple disqualified after only 5 days: “He violated the regulations”

Temptation Island, the name of the ineligible couple has been revealed

The scoop was released by Novella 2000 a few days ago: «There are already some previews, but they are just rumors at the moment. This is a great development. Two of the novel’s protagonists were to be expelled. It all started when a friend received videos of her partner, where he was very close to one of the seductresses, and the girl asked to light up the confrontation, but he did not show up. For this reason, the friend – as Cerro Petrón had done in the past – instilled trust and met her partner. In this way, the rules of the program were violated and the player was thus eliminated from the game».

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Temptation Island 2024, Surya Bingu (lost 85 kilograms) and Matteo Vitale: who is the first official couple. She: “I weigh 130 kilos.” ​​An incredible transformation


From that moment on, fans of the show can’t wait to find out who he is. Deianira Marzano then thought (somewhat hypothetically) to reveal the names of the two participants: «It appears that the couple who would have been disqualified were Jenny and Tony». It all started from a report by one of Deianira’s followers who saw Jenny’s story: «She posted a story saying she’s available for appointments again…she’s a lash artist».

Jenny and Tony because they are on the show

Jenny and Tony reach temptation by choosing her: «Tony and I have been together for five years. I called you because he doesn’t let me live my life – he says in the presentation video – Tony is a DJ and is always around pretty girls. One day, someone sent me screenshots of some of their conversations and made some comments. Obviously my friend denies everything, but because he is an actor who deserves an Oscar».

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