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Shell sponsor British Cycling greenwashing

Shell sponsors British cycling team and controversy erupts

oil giant coincidencein a joint note with the British National Cycling Team, A . announced British cycling team sponsorship and controversy immediately erupted. Entrance of the company that has admiration hard work Oil and gas was seen by the public as an attempt green wash: Certainly, in light of the 2024 Paris Olympics, professional cycling is spurring investor interest, and the bike is generally considered an unpolluted mode of transportation par excellence. It’s a really good opportunity for an oil company.

British Cycling signed Long-term partnership for 8 years Which will bring in extensive support and investment from UK Shell as a new official partner. The agreement, which began on October 10, 2022, will run until the end of 2030.

Image source: British Cycling

As announced in the joint note, This new partnership will see a shared commitment to pursue these three goals as a priority:

  • Supporting cyclists and cyclists in Great Britain By exchanging world-class innovations and experiences;
  • Accelerate the British cycling journey towards Zero Emission Target (providing a fleet of electric vehicles);
  • Helping larger and larger groups of people pedal, including ways to do it Make cycling accessible to people with disabilities Through a new program – which will be called no limits – Which aims to break down the barriers that people with disabilities have to face when accessing a bicycle.

British Cycling CEO Brian Weiser He said: “We look forward to working alongside Shell in the UK over the remainder of this decade to expand access to the sport, support our elite cyclists and help our organization and our sport take important steps towards zero emissions: the things we know are on top. Our members’ interests. As part of our new commercial programme, this partnership with Shell UK provides strong support for cycling, will help us improve and get more people to consider cycling and cyclists.”

David BunchThe head of Shell UK said: “We are very proud to become an official partner of British Cycling. The partnership reflects the joint ambitions of Shell UK and British Cycling to achieve the UK’s zero-emissions goal and encourage low-carbon forms of transport such as bicycles and electric vehicles. By working together, we can bring real change to people across the country, from different walks of life, as well as apply Shell’s world-leading lubricant technology to support the British cycling team in their quest for world gold. Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 ″.

Greenwashing controversy

The announcement of the partnership between Shell and British Cycling angered some members, as well as environmental associations and cycling activists who accused the oil giant of wanting to greenwash. On top of all this is criticism of the choice of the main British governing body for cycling: in the national and international press, through specialized cycling websites such as Link to public publications such as CNNRumors abound about the many stances taken against the agreement. At the moment, the damage to the reputation and image of British Cycling cannot be calculated.

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Meanwhile, the tweet in which British Cycling announced its agreement with Shell has received Thousands of negative commentsincluding radical: Who will be your next CEO now? Sauron?

Open letter against bail

Thus, a few hours after the sponsorship agreement was announced, more than 1,100 members, activists, environmentalists and ordinary citizens signed it. An open letter has been sent to British Cycling’s senior management asking them to reconsider and withdraw from the signed agreement: “The bicycle is the transportation option of the future, but fossil fuels are the energy of the past. Judging by the reactions to your ad accepting Shell UK as an official sponsor, you will now understand that most people are acutely aware of the incompatibility of cycling alignment with one of the major oil companies among the The biggest polluters in the world. This is the beginning of the open letter that continues to receive adhesions and it is Available online at this address.

Open the message that ends like this: “We believe that it is in the urgent interest of the sport of cycling and that cyclists around the world are rapidly moving away from the use of fossil fuels. Cycling is also uniquely positioned to help with this transition. However, accepting sponsorships from an oil company has a history of delays and misinformation. Over this matter is an irreconcilable conflict of interest. We ask that you consider taking immediate action to opt out of Shell’s sponsorship.”