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"She died as soon as she was born, then she was born again."

“She died as soon as she was born, then she was born again.”

Sandra MeloAnd a guest very right, revealed I details The birth of her daughter Azura. “And Born 7 months and then it is dead». famous an actress, Of which pink records I often talked about secret love with the director FelliniShe recounted in tears the miracle of her daughter’s birth. “I didn’t want to believe it dead, he is Shouted, crying. then i have pray, very very much”.

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To Silvia Tovanen, Sandra Tell moments panic Lived in the postpartum period I visit, which is next to her in the living room in Channel 5. “I prayed in the chapel of the hospital and while I was doing that I heard the nurse shouting: It is so.” He lives! same!He adds: «was miracle, and others around Died And she, on the other hand, began to live again. I was happy and still today proud The woman is.”

Shy and silent, Azura smiled as she cried as she listened to her mother’s words. born of a relationship toxic With Marches, of which Milo has clear and precise memories: “he hit me, on the one hand I still do not hear from today. But I don’t eat grudge against himAzura is the fruit of that love. account This is amazing”.

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