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Sharon Stone recreates the hot scene from Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone recreates the hot scene from Basic Instinct

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The confrontation between the actress in the 1992 movie and now

happy summarys. This is a “good summer”, I hope to Sharon Stone She has 2.6 million followers. But, as you know, Instagram is a social network for photography and it is precisely on the photo of the star accompanying the sentence that all eyes are focused on: Stone smiles, showing her body in bikini yellow; At 63, the actress still has an amazing physique. Thanks to hard training during quarantine, by accepting it. “I do thirty squats a day and lift three kilogram balls that look like bullets in front of the TV,” he said. telegraph, adding that physical beauty is important and we often only realize it when it starts to fade.

Beautiful and ridiculous

Sharon Stone He doesn’t even think about fading, he works on the body and mind and the results are visible. Always beautiful, the actress is also very funny. He is a volcano on social media and shares moments from his daily life: days with dogs, walks, social commitment and career highlights. Thanks to her self-deprecation, Stone has also recreated one of the key moments of her career.

Between the shirt and panties

Posing in the living room at home Sharon Stone He wears a T-shirt happy and proud of him hunters Printed with a drawing that reproduces a cult scene Basic instinct, the 1992 movie that made her an icon. Who doesn’t actually remember the singer who plays the psychologist Catherine TrammellPut your legs up during police interrogation, revealing not wearing underwear?

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Realizing how successful this movie was, Sharon Stone He winks at the lens, holding a fake cigarette with his fingers. I was there, did it, and got the shirt, Sharon writes commenting on the shot, tracing a famous Anglo-Saxon saying that can be translated as: “I’ve seen, indeed, I had the shirt.” The shirt yes but in the movie the panties were missing!

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