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Severe drought of the Po River, warning from the observatory; “A crisis not seen in 70 years”

Weather: Po’ severe drought, observatory warning; ‘A crisis not seen in 70 years’

Po is in severe water crisisThe state of rivers and lakes throughout Italy remains worrying. there droughtwith each passing year it seizes more and more throughout the Italian lands e The water supply is in great pain.

Particularly critical, as reported Skitge 24is the situation Bo . River As the need for water is very high but the availability is very scarce, if not nearly non-existent. “These values ​​have not been seen for about 70 years‘, This comment from the observatory about the uses of water definitely makes us shudder.

The situation has become tragic, because in addition to the limited range and lost rain, we have two other very important factors. The temperature is 2-3 degrees higher, in some places even four degrees, compared to the average of the period. And the snow resource is completely missing, so the warehouse and storage are in the mountains‘From the water. These are the main warning factors identified by Miuccio BerselliSecretary General of the Basin Authority.

In addition to the rare rains almost everywhere this year, there is no snow in the Alps either due to the high temperatures recorded so far. The latter presents an additional problem as there is obviously no high-altitude melting and therefore no water generating the hydroelectric power necessary for the valleys. L ‘AgricultureFor example, he suffers greatly. to deal with this Extremely critical water condition has set Three basic principles. Starting with the electricity sector, which expressed its willingness to support the primary agricultural sector in the event of a clear production need; The Great Lakes emphasize the possibility of going below minimum reservoir levels to help feed the rivers in the valley continuously. Finally, as a final point identified, we found the need to share every regional decision between all partners and users.

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