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Set-pieces are part of the game! They should have happened in the last minutes

Speak into microphones Dozen In the post-match match between Milan And RomeDavid Calabria He commented from his point of view on the surreal final in San Siro.

The Rossoneri captain highlighted the team’s mental errors in the final minutes of the match against the Giallorossi, which made an appeal for the upcoming matches.

Calabria Milan Rome

Milan, Rome and Calabria are not suitable: the explosion

Game already won? We didn’t think so, it would have been stupid because we didn’t win. We played a very good game. Wasting like this shouldn’t happen in the last few minutes. Their goals are not the result of chance, the only way they could hurt us at that moment was with some dead balls. We were stupid, we did so much better than them and we had to take it home win over. area tags? We always set the same way during set-pieces, and we have prepared well for this match. We knew they were good at free kicks and it’s strange to lose two points like that. We had to reduce these kinds of mistakes, perhaps by avoiding making them Make it uselessBut these things happen“.

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