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Serie A, Juventus – Sassuolo 0-0 Live Streaming. Verona Napoli 2-5 – Football

Juventus – Sassuolo 0-0 directly

Napoli beats Verona 5-2 (1-2) In the postponement of the first day of the first division football championship, which was held at the Marc Antonio Bentegodi stadium in Verona. Goals: Verona advanced in the first half with Lasagna in the 29th minute, Napoli tied with Kvaratskhelia in the 37th minute, and Osimene outnumbered its guest in the 48th minute. In the second half, Henry temporarily tied with Venice in the 3rd minute, then Luciano Spalletti’s team came with Zelensky’s goals in the minute 10, Lobotka in the 20th minute, and Politano in the 34th minute, which ended the match. Before starting a minute to remember in memory of Claudio Garella, who died on August 12, and who won the Scudetto with both teams Chronicle

80′ goal! Verona 2-5 Napoli! Politano Network.
A gentle triangulation of Ole di Lorenzo-Osimene-Politano, behind Montepo.
66′ Aim! Verona 2-4 Napoli! Lobotka Network
. Central percussion by Lobotka who advances undisturbed and from the edge pushes Montipo with a board in the lower corner.
56′ Aim! Verona – Napoli 2-3! Zielinski Network.
A fine filter from Kvaratskhelia for the cold Zielinski raid in front of Montipo.
49′ Aim! Verona Napoli 2-2! Henry’s network
. The Pharaohs are hitting from the bottom, Henry’s perfect, unstoppable header for Merritt.
45′ + 4 goals! Verona 1-2 Napoli! Osimene network
. From an angle, di Lorenzo’s head, Osimene’s little paw.
38 ‘Goal! Verona 1-1 Napoli! Kvaratskhelia network. Lozano cross from the right, Kvaratskhelia stands out in the area and heads to Montebo.
30′ goal! Verona – Napoli 1-0! lasagna grid. From the corner, with Gunther’s shot, lasagna free from the far corner, bags easily.

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