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Serie A and Federcalcio argue over the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: rags fly

Serie A and Federcalcio argue over the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: rags fly

A long-distance call and response in Saudi Arabia between Lorenzo Cassini and Gabriele Gravina, president of Lega Serie A and FIGC respectively. The reason for the confrontation is the dispute in the Italian Super Cup between Milan and Inter in Riyadh.

An endless struggle also reached Riyadh, the venue for the final Italian Super Cup between AC Milan and Inter. that between Serie A And figIt’s a nonstop duel. The confrontation between the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri in Saudi Arabia, So away from Italy it has become another topic of discussion. On the other hand, the president of the Italian Football League, Lorenzo CassiniOn the other hand Gabriel Gravina, number one in the NFL. On the table this time is the question of playing this derby away from our country.

Gravina has always said that he is against playing this type of match away from Italy and reiterated it clearly: “Inter Milan in Saudi Arabia makes me sad – explained – Football must find alternative resources, I also understand that there is a need to pursue new economic resources but out of the 58,000 spectators at Milan-Inter there are only 400 Italians, which is a real shame.”. Gravina continues: However, we need to consider the economic difficulty that Italian football is going through – he adds – We hope to return to cultivating football in Italy.”. Words that did not leave Cassini indifferent from the targeted response barbs: “It’s sad not to see Italy at the World Cup in Qatar.”

Cassini didn’t take Gravina and Ansa too well He expressed all his regrets To the best of his knowledge and for that reason he decided to reciprocate: “I find it difficult to understand what is new? Out of 35 editions, including this one, 12 times the Super Cup final has been played abroad. – He said – It started in 1993 in the United States; Over the years we have been to Libya, China, the United States again, Qatar and from 2018 to Saudi Arabia.” The Lega Serie A president also reiterated his thoughts:

events abroad It is also a selection by the Spanish League and, in other sports, by the NBA, To enhance its distinction all over the world – He says – I find nothing sad about this; On the contrary, we are very satisfied with the enthusiasm with which teams abroad are always greeted, and therefore I am very surprised at some of the comments I read”. It is the countless confrontation after duel in the courtrooms and in the tar of disputes that have been encountered liquidity index And growth decree.

Gabriele Gravina, President of the Federation.

Gabriele Gravina, President of the Federation.

The latter is fiercely contested by Gravina who wishes to eliminate completely. This is the famous Nannicini adjustment to the 50 per cent tax deduction on the salaries of footballers coming from abroad. An idea that goes hand in hand with that of the Footballers’ Union in full agreement with Gravina. In short, on several occasions Lega Serie A has expressed its desire to have more powers in football. As Cassini confirmed, again in Ansa, on another aspect:

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He added, “We feel sad that Al-Ittihad is not with us today in Riyadh, which is the day the first football cup of the season is awarded.” Greetings from the President of the Italian Premier League: “I sincerely hope that the next few days will be devoted to reforming Italian football – Concludes – Serie A has been working hard in recent months, and we are studying a hypothesis Achieved 4 finals in the Super Cup, as is the case in Spain. At the February meeting these issues and these doubts will be resolved. Well, it didn’t end there…