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Serena Burton, the news everyone has been waiting for | Joy in today is another day

Ray Ono’s journalist Serena Burtoni announced very important news. Finally, the happy event that everyone has been waiting for has arrived from the Today Show host is another day. Let’s find out what it is.

Serena Burton Ultranutesia

Serena Burtoni, face of Ray Ono, journalist and host of the show that includes stable affect and many distinguished guests, Just announced some very important news, which sent all of her fans to a rapture. That’s what it is.

Serena Burton, the news everyone’s been waiting for

Serena Burtoni took her first steps in the world of Italian journalism in rai, at the end of the eighties. then She was just a little girl of nineteen, really passionate about information, print media and literature, who have studied English well, especially thanks to the training instilled by his parents, who They sent her to London every year to master the language.

La Bortone debuted with Lubrano sent meThis was the first program that made her famous with a large audience on the Italian small screen, and since then she has achieved increasingly important goals.

Since the last television season, the Rai programs have been enriched. Introducing a very special format that combines entertainment, politics and information. We are talking about a program that Hosts stable lovers and celebrities Led by talented Serena:Today is another day’.

Audience record for today is another day

Apparently Talking became the spearhead of the day for broadcasters And not only that, but Serena Burton through her broadcast of Rai Uno has literally conquered the audience, reaching a Standard results.

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We have the highest ratings in this time period for Rai Uno in the past nine years‘, so Burton said frankly in an exclusive interview with Sorrisi e Canzoni TV. According to Burton’s statements, published by the famous Italian TV weekly. Today is another day He got a very large share.

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This is the result obtained thanks to the skillful mix of cultural contents ranging from small to big screen, and from literature to theater and meeting with well-chosen guests. Obviously though The greatest advantage of success Today is another day It is the result of Serena’s talent.

Serena Burton's Today news is another day of Altranotizia