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Sense of time and place

Sense of time and place

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Summer evenings slowly lose their shine as new light rises on Friday 26 August from the stage of the 2022 edition of Today’s Festivala precious pearl among our local music events, is hosted in Turin in the outdoor area of ​​Spazio 211 and the former Incet factory for “off” events.

It’s still early eli smart, called to replace the geese presented by the original program, goes live, and invites us to forget about the surrounding suburbs. A few bars suffice for a light, sudden glide into areas where tropical rhythms marry classic Beatlesian moods and northern soul; The audio narrates his personal life journey starting from Hawaii to reach Liverpool and then London, where his talent blossoms with the band that accompanies him. The flow of songs is the constant joy, the enthusiasm, the freshness, the time being reset. Smiles are opening on the faces of the musicians and the audience with increasing participation. Blessings. In just over an hour, Turin seems like something far away, in the air the mysterious atmosphere of New Orleans, an echo of Bronx and Puerto Rican society. Recounting personal pain and global drama, Alinda Segara and owner of “Hala Country Ruff” recount a deep, voracious feminine energy, blending folk art, electronics, punk spirit and the hopes of conscious activists. They are hymns to survival, ideas to move forward, in spite of everything. From afar, Patti Smith’s resonance inspires hopes of containing the imbalances of life on Earth that give the title of the latest album.

eli smart

And we go on, go back north, cross the oceans, and land in England, right in Black Country, New Road. From the soot of an uncertain present caused by the recent abandonment of frontline chief Isaac Wood, the band has reconstituted itself and opened a new soundtrack; The darkness and bare nerves of the studio’s first two acts give way to new compositions with a more orchestral system. It’s the soundtrack for a group rediscovered through “other” voices, the role of leader has disappeared, and as the “post-popular” path is made, glorious new horizons can be seen. It is the timid dialogue between a new identity and a stunned audience. Astonishment meets classicism, and reluctance dominates even in the face of the praise of the listeners. In a word, thank you.

The poem fades with the arrival of Tash Sultana and the dance dynamics that bounce between her vocals and the loops of the various instruments she encounters. He jumps and quickly switches between guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, and fluorescent cactus. One is suddenly swallowed up by a black hole blasting off to Australia, reggae continually streams through repeat samples, gray smoke rising from the pyramid projected onto the rear screen, people respond, shaken, stunned; In the second clip, the videos depict a large number of threatening snakes, the bite is fatal, the taste is ruined – unfortunately – it is a completely different music …
(Edited by Francesca Trinca)

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