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Generico ottobre 2022

Seeing Earth from Space, the story of Parmitano in Campo

From the municipality of Campo nel Elba

The beauty and fragility of our planet depends on the same balance of words that astronaut Luca Parmitano chose this morning to tell us about his experience: the health of the Earth seen from space. Parmitano presented the ESA exhibition by describing the dangers of climate change, tangible signs of melting glaciers, and signs of sea level rise, and stressed the fundamental importance of knowledge, study and awareness of implementing actions to protect the planet.

This morning, in the council room of the municipality, in Marina di Campo, astronaut ESA brought a unique experience to those who saw tangible signs of change from space, telling in words and pictures what possible future scenarios might be. If we don’t. Adopt behaviors that respect and protect our planet.

Before him have the vigilant eyes of an audience of all ages, many children are fascinated by the story of the astronaut who Parmitano gave him one of those “lessons” they remember all their lives, “especially the things that don’t matter to you. Like them. Gain knowledge and awareness. Develop your critical spirit and only then can you act”. Among the audience this morning, the Mayors and Plenipotentiary Counselors of the Alban Municipalities arrived to convey the island’s greetings to Colonel Luca Parmitano and his ESA associates: Mayors Angelo Zinni, Walter Montana, Simon Barbie, and Deputy Mayor Valeria. Barbagli, delegates Francesco Giano and Oscar Gambino, Vice Mayor Chiara Paolini with councilors and councilors Campo nel Elba. The opening of the exhibition was also attended by the Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Company in Portoferraio, Alessandra Castellan, the Commander of the Capitanteria in Porto Santo Altavilla, the Naval Squadron Commander of the Air Defense Forces of Portoferraio Luca Poz and the Marshal. Luciano Napolitano, captain of the Carabinieri at Campo nell’Elba. The space agency’s exhibit will be open to the public today until 6.00 pm and tomorrow October 2 from 10.30 am until 6.00 pm. Tomorrow Parmitano will race the Elbaman with 600 other athletes from around the world. The municipal administration thanks everyone who worked to implement this event, in particular the organizers of Elbaman and the staff of the European Space Agency.

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