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Security sticker arrival


A simple yet effective idea that protects us from one of the most dangerous phone scams: the fake bank helpline.

One of the oldest, but also the most effective, Fraud against account holders From banks around the world it is a phone call away. fake bank employee. which usually starts with a SMS Phishingwhich says that someone is trying to force our account and that we need to contact the suspect. Helpline Number.

He’s about to One of the most dangerous scamsbecause the victim can be urged by the scammer on the other end of the phone to make repeated transfers to other accounts, until The account has been emptied.Now, however, someone has come up with a very simple but very effective solution: Safety label Anti-fraud.

Hype’s New Paper Safety Sticker

The new stamp was launched by Hype, the online bank of the Sella Group with a large clientele in Italy. Hype has always been a service very oriented towards technology and the smart user, but Safety label It is a very easy innovation that can be exploited even by those who understand very little about technology.

In practice, when the account holder is on the phone with the help of Hype (real), he can open the Hype app and find the “Safety label“, anyone The writing that says:

Safety label

We confirm that you are talking to our support team.

The stamp disappears automatically at the end of the phone call, and then reappears in the event of further phone calls to the bank. In this way The account holder has certainty That, on the other end of the phone, there is indeed an employee of Hype (or at any rate of its official call center) and that can be confirmed. Your money is safe.

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Phone number is not enough

A security sticker is a simple and effective idea, but it is also necessary because it is not sufficient. Verify phone number To make sure speak with official assistance from a bank or company.

There are techniques such as what is called “Identity theft“, which allows scammers Display the name of any bank, institution or company on the phone screen of the person being called, even if the caller is from another number.

When we receive a call (or make one after receiving an SMS) to a number associated with “XYZ Bank“, So, It is not said at all We are already talking to this bank.

to’Bank applicationHowever, it can only be controlled by the bank, so if it shows us a security seal We can be sure We don’t take risks.

Therefore, this technology is useful, effective and can be To include all companies and public bodies Which has an official call center, but also an official app.

In the case of public bodies that are often imitated by fraudsters (such as the Revenue Agency), it will be possible to show a security sticker insideIo app.


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