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Scottish government in turmoil: Sturgeon denies allegations of lies

Scottish government in turmoil
Sturgeon denies the allegations of lies

Turbulent days for Prime Minister Sturgeon. First, he is accused of misconduct in connection with allegations of abuse against his predecessor. Then follows a no-confidence vote. Everything is thrown out. Even the attacks seem to strengthen them.

Six weeks before the Scottish general election, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon won a no-confidence vote. In Edinburgh, a majority of MPs voted against the Conservative Party’s proposal in parliament. The opposition accused Sturgeon of misleading parliament. However, an independent report confirmed that she was not at fault. For this reason, it is conceivable that Sturgeon would actually overthrow the plan of the opposition conservatives before voting in parliament. “If you think you can get me out of office, you think I’m wrong and misunderstand me,” Sturgeon said with the hope of victory. “If you want to oust me as head of government, do so in an election.” He had already denied that the group’s allegations were politically motivated.

“Overall, Nicola Sturgeon is doing very well,” said Kirsty Hughes, director of the Scottish Council on European Relations’ think tank in Edinburgh. Renowned political scientist John Curtis said the allegations against Sturgeon have dropped. Background An affair over sturgeon pioneer Alex Salmond. Several women accused Salmond of attempting to rape and sexually harass her, but the former head of government was released a year ago. The question arose as to whether Sturgeon had acted properly in this case – and when he became aware of the allegations.

Salmond accused his former confidant of trying to ignore him politically, and the Conservatives eagerly pushed themselves into the argument. However, Sturgeon denied all the allegations, and the independent report confirmed them. Now the head of government can once again dedicate himself to important regional elections. Your Independent Scottish National Party (SNP) expects an absolute majority in the May 6 vote to strengthen its demand for a new independence referendum. But after the SNP sometimes took a clear lead in the polls, the race is now reopened.

Freedom, Brexit, Corona virus: Sturgeon attack a nerve

Curtis, a political scientist, suspects that the internal party dispute will cost the SNP two to three percentage points. “This is an openly drawn, confusing and politically damaging affair,” expert Hughes said. The election campaign needs to be at the forefront again, Curtis said. “Freedom, Brexit, Corona virus: these questions need to be addressed again now.” These topics speak especially for sturgeon. Your crisis management in the Corona crisis is evaluated in party ways by the Scots because studies have shown it over and over again.

With their goal of bringing Scotland back into the EU, Sturgeon is also hitting a nerve – because the Scots’ clear majority rejects Brexit. In addition, your most important opponent, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is very unpopular in Scotland. Probably because of this, Johnson’s spokesman did not want to comment on events in the North.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is preparing for a heated debate. The London-based government is urging a final decision on whether to vote for a Scottish secession for the second time since 2014. For the first time a slim majority voted against secession – Johnson rejects it again and again. But the SNP said the signs had changed because of Brexit and that the Scottish parliament had sufficient powers. The regional government has already tabled a draft law requiring any question to be asked at the polls. Adequate material guarantee for the election campaign.

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