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Scientists have created an amazing simulation of the first moments of the universe

Scientists have created an amazing simulation of the first moments of the universe

In the next few years, we will witness a great revolution in the field of astronomy and scientists, before taking a look at the regions of the universe that have hitherto remained out of the reach of our eyes, decided to expand An unprecedented digital simulation of the first moments of the universe.

We are approaching a turning point in cosmology, especially because of that The extraordinary instrument known as the James Webb Space Telescope is almost readyRest assured, it will disrupt our knowledge of the universe. While waiting for its mission to begin, NASA scientists have been engrossed in complex calculations and millions of gigabytes of data to obtain it Prediction of what the cosmic dark age might be like.

there cosmic dark age (Literally, “cosmic dark age”) includes all the phases of our universe that have always been impossible to study and observe, because of Too far in time and space. It is generally estimated that the cosmic dark age will begin 370,000 years after the Big Bang, even after a billion years.

Thanks to powerful instruments sent into orbit, things are now about to change, but waiting for what astronomers will discover, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPIA) have devised An unprecedented new simulation called Thesanwhich simulates the first period of galaxies formation.

create the Thesan The results obtained by the team are described in a series of papers that have been approved and published by the Royal Astronomical Society. To achieve this, simulations were performed using Bavarian supercomputer SuperMUC-NGEquipped with about 340 terabytes of RAM and 15 petabytes of memory and 2.90 petaflops the speed.

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Despite its immense power, the process took over 500 hours to complete. If a high-end home computer was used, the simulation would take more than 3,500 years.

Most astronomers do not have laboratories to conduct experiments. The scales of space and time are very large, so the only way we can do experiments is with computers. We are able to take basic physical equations and theoretical models to simulate what happened in the early universe‘, explained Rahul Kanaanan astrophysicist and lead author of the study.

Many telescopes on the Internet, such as the JWST, have been specifically designed to study this era. This is where our simulations come into play; They will help us interpret the real observations of this period and understand what we are seeing“.

Thesan has also been converted into a 3D video to be better understood and disclosed to the general public, and you can admire it in all its beauty when this news opens.

The interesting thing to remember is that scientists, for now, aren’t entirely sure that future data from JWST will confirm simulations: There is a good chance that the data is conflicting, but they also agree. Whatever the outcome, it would still be a huge feat of spatial knowledge.