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Scientific research will change history, revolutionizing plants that replace street lamps

It seems that a new scientific research will change history. Here comes the revolution of plants that replace street lamps.

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always intended science It is precisely progress by becoming an opportunity to improve the lives of people and the planet.

Luckily Scientific progress It is constantly evolving with more and more technologies ready to help man. We are not talking about smartphones or computers, which undoubtedly help in everyday life, but about the copious innovations of society like the one we will tell you about shortly.

In fact, a new one has appeared Search Which seems to mark a turning point in history. According to some scholars, it would actually be possible to replace i street lights with some details factory. Let’s see what is better.

MIT’s shocking research on lamppost plants

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Recently, Player. it Explain in detail what group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Extension highlighted. This could be a study that could mean a real turning point for our future.

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Thanks for some nanoparticles In fact it would be possible to make the plants “pro plants” capable of emitting light. In essence, the nanoparticles embedded in the leaves of plants store Light Then release it very gradually.

The nanoparticles involved luciferase, an enzyme already found in nature. Luciferase, in fact, is the enzyme found in the body fireflies Which specifically allows them to emit light and glow in the dark.

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Not only that, but these plants can also be recharged via an LED. According to scientists, these plants can emit light ten times brighter than the light emitted by plants of a previous search from MIT 5 years ago.

In the first research, there were nanoparticles containing luciferase and luciferin, fixed to watercress plants. However, in this case, the light was very dim and didn’t last very long.

for Extend the duration of the lightused the most recent study phosphorousa substance that acts in nature as an intensifier, amplifying how long a glow lasts.

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In this way, as research continues, it is possible to obtain a type of plant capable of replacing the light of trees over the years street lightsin order to obtain a green urban electricity grid.