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Scientific discoveries set a record of 2022: one more important than the other

Scientific discoveries set a record of 2022: one more important than the other

In 2022, 5 record-breaking discoveries have been made, one more important than the other. Really amazing.

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The past year has been very significant in terms of Scientific discoveries, from biology to space, including archeology and technology. In detail, 5 very important and revolutionary discoveries were made. Now that 2023 has begun, we hope that this year will be full of scientific discoveries.

Let’s find out The most important primates the past twelve months, both in terms of the importance of research work and in shedding light on the truly unique secrets and wonders of nature. You will certainly be amazed at the discoveries made this year.

over there The science is infinite It includes many fields, from biology to space to archeology and so on. And we can say that this year we touched almost all areas with five truly incredible discoveries, and we can say that they broke records.

The five scientific discoveries of 2022

New bacteria discovered in 2022
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between Most amazing discoveries of 2022 We certainly have the largest single-celled bacteria in the world. It is about 1 cm long and does not require a microscope to be observed, and can be admired with the naked eye.

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that it bacteria A new species, Thiomargarita magnifica, which lives in the mangrove forests of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, was discovered by researchers at the University of the Antilles at Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe. It is 50 times larger than other types of macrobacteria and 5,000 times larger than conventional bacteria. The reason that pushed them to evolve is their length, which helps them get the oxygen and sulphide they need.

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Another great find It was the largest fish colony ever. Located five hundred meters below the ice that covers the Weddel Sea, Antarctica is home to the largest breeding colony of fish. Researchers in Germany found this colony of about 60 million active Yunnan icefish nests. It extends over an area of ​​no less than 240 square kilometres.

Then let’s not forget First surgery From the date it was discovered that it happened approximately 31,000 years ago. A team of archaeologists from Australia understood this after studying human skeletal remains found inside a large cave on the Indonesian island of Borneo. They identified signs of an old amputation in the lower left leg of a person who survived and then another 6-9 years after the operation. This discovery thus pushes the origin of surgery back 20,000 years.

There is, too supercomputers The fastest in the world. The computer has achieved a speed record, the limit that it can perform 1.1 quintillion calculations per second. It is the first exascale computer that can perform 1018 operations per second. The second is Fugaki from RIKEN Center in Japan. Exascale computing could lead to breakthroughs all over the world, from climate science to health and even particle physics.

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Finally, the last significant discovery of 2022 is Black hole closer to the ground. This was discovered by a team of astrophysicists who analyzed data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia space telescope, and discovered this black hole closest to Earth. They named it Gaia BH1, which lies just 1,560 light-years from our planet and is about twice as close as the previous black hole that was thought to be the closest.

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