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Science says that the drink that Italians love so much is good for the heart

It is one of the most popular drinks throughout Italy, taken daily, and now it has been found to be good for the heart and prolonging life. The study highlights all the benefits and reassures people about its consumption, which is often and falsely considered harmful.

Coffee is not just a useful energy-recharging drink, according to scientists it can help the heart and can even protect it, even if you drink it two or three times a day. A curative medicine for health, it can extend life expectancy.

Coffee extends life –

Study on coffee helps and protects the heart

For Italy, coffee is perhaps the symbolic drink of the entire nation. The drink, which is known, appreciated and also sought abroad, has caught the interest of researchers at the Baker Institute for Heart and Diabetes Research in Melbourne, in Australia.

The group of researchers conducted the study, which included nearly 500,000 participants, 55% of whom were women, were healthy, without arrhythmias or cardiovascular disease, with an average age of 58 years.

Participants provided the scientists with all the details about their coffee consumption, and honestly reported how many cups they drank each day, and what type of coffee they used between instant, ground (such as cappuccino or filter coffee) or decaffeinated coffee.

About 100,000 of the participants were not regular coffee drinkers and the researchers were allowed as a comparison group.

The study lasted for 12 years and took into account all potential cardiovascular complications, such as arrhythmias, and carefully studied the medical records of the deceased, in order to assess the negative or positive effects of coffee.

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Australian search results

After 12 long years of studies and comparisons, among the health conditions of nearly 500,000 people, the results are more than clear and promising. The data confirmed that people who drank two or three cups of coffee a day lived longer on average, regardless of the type of drink.

The longest-lived people who took part in the study lived longer, compared to those who didn’t use coffee, by 11% (instant coffee), 14% (decaffeinated) and up to 27% for ground coffee.

Coffee helps the cardiovascular system work
The drink that is good for the heart –

In addition, all subjects who drank two or three cups of coffee per day reported a reduction in cardiovascular disease that was not indifferent.

So this study could motivate people to start (or continue) to drink coffee during their days, without, of course, overdoing the doses.