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School, Dad is only for those who have not been vaccinated in high schools, but will have 3 positives at home in the classroom.  Withdrawal confirmed on January 10th

School, Dad is only for those who have not been vaccinated in high schools, but will have 3 positives at home in the classroom. Withdrawal confirmed on January 10th

The government only partially accepts the proposals of the regions School. This does not allow to postpone the start of lessons, as there are two positive cases in the classroom, ensuring different treatment in middle and high school in isolation for vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Dad If three people are affected. In elementary school, you go to distance education for ten days when there are two positives in the classroom. Allocate resources for free antigen testing for self-monitoring students. For a relapse associated with the most subtle stage of the epidemic, the turmoil in some regions begins in Campania and Puglia: according to CNR mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani, it is expected to peak today. In 8 days. At a meeting of the regions last night with Ministers Speranza (Health) and Gelmini (Regional Affairs) it was decided that the plan to postpone returning to school was unacceptable.

Tomorrow the CTS (Technical-Scientific Committee) convenes, asking the regions to express themselves in school, but only the progress of the epidemic on the agenda. “We will reopen schools and screen students. I hope the government has assessed what can happen,” said Marco Marcelio, president of Abruzzo.

But let’s look in more detail at how isolation rules change in school. First, the order confirms that activities should be suspended if even a positive event occurs for preschools. In elementary school, if there is a positive reaction in the classroom, rapid or molecular antigen testing will be performed at the time of learning of the positivity case and repeated five days later. And what if the positives are two or more? “Integrated digital teaching is used for ten days per class”.

The rules get complicated when it comes to middle school and high school. If there is a positive in the classroom, it will be of no use by Dad: “Self-monitoring is used by the use of Ffp2 type masks and by direct teaching”. When the positives are two, the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated children is shown (initially this was expected with all three). Drake won by opposition from the parties. Students who have completed less than 120 days of immunization studies (or who have recovered from an infection during that time) are in the classroom, always with self-monitoring rules, while others go home and follow lessons with Dad. . If the cluster is large in number, upwards from the three positives, distance learning is all-encompassing. Finally, evidence is provided for a commission structure to guarantee free antigen testing for self-monitoring students. The school world seems to be critical of the new rules and the way they come to class (scheduled between tomorrow and Monday). Of course, from the Ministry of Education, they, the staff of the Govt staff, both alternatively abled, teachers and Atta are hired on a regular basis and will be paid if there is a delay in payment of salaries. In January. In addition, Minister Pianchi assured that evidence for antigen testing has been provided to Figliulo. But the difference between vaccinated and non-vaccinated practice is important.

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“I disagree – explains Antonello Gianelli, president of the National Association of Principals – that this is discriminatory and that we have always been supportive of the vaccine, but I believe it may have avoided making differences among students. Arises: For all events that trigger self-monitoring, it is essential to start screening in a timely manner to ensure that they are all negative at this point in the presence of children.

“It’s difficult to implement from a practical point of view – Gianelli continues – schools do not know the vaccination status of students in the matter of privacy. I do not think ASL’s timely service protocol can be used. Atilio Fratta, President of the School of Executives, explains: “We are committed to guaranteeing the right to education and the validity of the school year. It is not possible to impose this responsibility on principals, and I will meet with Minister Pianchi to reiterate the need for certain rules to avoid warnings and appeals.


No disgrace:
Children at home
If there is only one case

In kindergartens, children are not allowed to wear masks. And they are not vaccinated. The exception is only for those under the age of five, but since the immunization campaign has begun in those aged 5-11, one cannot trust the protection of young children provided by the vaccine. For this reason, the government, in agreement with the regions in this matter, has chosen to maintain a high level of security and in the presence of a positive case, the activity is suspended and the children are at home. The draft order states: “If there is a positive case in the same section or class committee, suspension of its activities for ten days shall apply to the same section or class committee”. Yesterday Fiazo (Federation of Italian Health and Hospital Institutions) warned that pediatric hospital admissions had increased by 86 percent in the past week. The number of children admitted for intensive care has tripled: from 2 to 6 a week. Among young inpatients, 62 percent are between the ages of 0 and 4, so they are too young to be vaccinated.

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With two of the victims
Class returns
For online lessons

We have chosen to be cautious about elementary schools. If it is true that the vaccination campaign for children aged 5-11 years has already begun, we must remember that we are still in the early stages, so the immunization percentage is low: 88 percent do not even receive a single dose. For this reason, the order provides for the timely use of distance education. In more detail: with only one infection, the class will continue with a verification test, but in two it goes to distance learning. The order states: “If there are at least two positive events in the class, integrated digital teaching will be used for the same class for ten days”. Again: “If there is positivity in the class, the surveillance with rapid or molecular antigen testing to be carried out at the time of learning about the positivity case will be applied to the same class.” Given the extent of the infection and its close links, the use of the tests worries regions that are already struggling to guarantee swabs for all. The government has set aside .5 98.5 million for the tracking action to be taken against the commissioner structure.

Middle and high school

If 2 people are affected
Be in the classroom to see who he is
Covered by the vaccine

Middle and high schools have the same rules, and the vaccination campaign is no different for still underprivileged first graders (they are 5-11 years old). According to the order, distance education for all should last at least ten days only if there are three or more positive cases in the classroom. If two people have been infected, there is a difference between those who have been vaccinated in the last 120 days (or those who have passed the infection) and those who have not. The former can use Ffp2 masks and participate in a self-monitoring and testing regime (free at the pharmacy by order), while the latter can stay at home and follow Dad for ten days. Then there is the situation in the classroom that is determined by the positive. There are no further differences in this situation, all students are present, but always follow the self-monitoring rule and wear the Ffp2 mask. It should be noted that the percentage of those who have completed the vaccination cycle in the 12-19 age group is close to 75 percent.

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