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School competitions, qualifying assessment, obligation to wear FFP2 mask, video conference for oral examination: these are how they happen.  Slides [PDF]

School competitions, qualifying assessment, obligation to wear FFP2 mask, video conference for oral examination: these are how they happen. Slides [PDF]

After the move from the Senate to the Govt Order (there will also be a passage to the chamber, but it will be a formality), the change in the public contests that the current Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, wants is over.

Slides [PDF]

School Competitions 2021: Overtime Hiring, Primary and Secondary Childhood Normal Starts, New Contract Formula for School. All information

School competitions, qualifications and experiences can only be evaluated for specific positions and should not weigh more than one-third of the score. Amendment approved

In advance, the debate over stabilization ignites: Cassie and Boer are pushed into normal matches

General Contests: Signs for Candidates

Recently the Department of Public Administration issued a security protocol for conducting public competitions. This allows for the resumption of public competitive examinations from May 3, 2021

The protocols provide the first indications for the candidates, which are mandatory during the exams:

  • Show alone and without any kind of luggage;
  • 37.5 above If there is no manifestation of certain symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, loss of smell or taste;
  • Should not appear in the bankruptcy office if the trustee or trustee is subject to home isolation;
  • Submit Negative statement Correct indication is associated with rapid or molecular fabrication carried out 48 hours prior to performing the tests For vaccinated subjects;
  • To wear FFP2 masks It will be provided by the administration;
  • Use hand washes with a cleansing solution placed on the paths, and keep always The minimum distance is 2.25 meters Between person and person.
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General competitions: Requirements for rehearsal areas

To ensure proper spacing and management of the runs of the entering and exiting candidates, it is necessary to respect certain parameters such as the dimension and structure of the spaces used for conducting the tests.

Of these, for example:

  • The entrances reserved for candidates, entry and exit are different from each other.
  • Availability of isolated rooms to accommodate candidates who showed signs of Govt-19 infection during the tests;
  • Classrooms with workstations for candidates stationed in all directions, at a minimum, at a distance 2.25 meters from each other, Thus each candidate is guaranteed an area of ​​4.5 square meters;
  • Mechanical ventilation systems working on the air recirculation exclusion system.

Public competitions: Behavior of experiments

Daily rehearsal sessions should be divided into sufficient time to allow candidates to attend and retrieve the exit and rehearsal premises.

As for the evidence, these should be Maximum duration is 60 minutes. Oral and practical tests can also be performed electronically.

Candidates should be prohibited from consuming food other than drinks that can be obtained in advance. Any trace of the test will be reported orally via the loudspeaker.

During the tests, the inspectors should always be fitted with a filter faceplate, circulating only in the indicated areas and lanes and avoiding being close to the candidates at a distance of less than 2.25 m.

Matches, here’s the protocol for making them safe. Wipe and mask with a cloth negative for the vaccine. Download the pdf [VIDEO GUIDA]