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Il collegamento dal Parentucelli

Scholarships in the United States for three Sarzanese students

The Italian Embassy in Washington recently hosted the final event of the Italy-US Cooperation Program, which includes Sarcana’s Istiduto Superior Baranduselli-Arcela (regarding school auditorium) and Annapolis High School in Maryland. During the meeting, scholarships were awarded to three Sarzanese students, Aurora Pasani, Simone Esposito and Miguel Piggy, who are scheduled to spend three weeks at a “sister” school in Annapolis in October. The visit will be served by three American students in the spring of 2023. In the Virtual Link, Stefania Bertolini (Office of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Milan), Principal Generozo Cardinalo, Teacher Michel Siapini, Travel and Class 3.0 students of the Parentucelli-Arzelà Institute attended the ceremony; The teacher is Maria Lavergetta and Italian students of Annapolis High School. At the embassy, ​​some students from Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland were with teacher Olga Mankuzo. The project was supported by the Embassy of Italy and was made possible by the contribution of MAECI to the Casa Italiana Language School in Washington DC, directed by Paola Corneo, in collaboration with Simonetta Balthasari. The students, who meet virtually every month, had the opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries, deepen mutual dialogue, expand cultural knowledge, as well as strengthen linguistic skills of communication and understanding in both languages. The initiative was further enriched by participation in the fifth edition of the Bridge Pond Project supported by the European Parliament. The objectives of the bridge pool project were explained in the opening speeches by First Councilor Dominico Bellandon and Maria Fusco, Editor-in-Chief of the Italian Embassy. Ryan Mylak, Liaison Officer for the European Parliament in Washington DC, underscored the importance of dialogue among young people in times of epidemics and international tensions. In this edition, he also explained the desire to build a bridge between the United States and the European Union through the involvement of students who spoke with Maryland House representative Ariana Kelly and MEP Brando Benefi.

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The students provided slides on the program and discussed the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a subtle subject of data security from an American and European perspective. They did this by speaking in English. Andrea Calzolari, Selvaggia Faggioni, Pietro Carpanese, Benedetta Mariani intervened for Parentucelli Arzelà.

The success of this initiative and the excellent results achieved were made possible by the co-operation of all the actors involved in implementing it: the Embassy that supported the project, the publisher Gaza Italian Language School, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington DC. , Sarsana Municipality, Headmasters of three schools and teachers who followed the students with dedication.