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Schlein on pride of rights: ‘G7 forgets them, we don’t’ – News


For the thirtieth time, the Rainbow of Rights calls for equality, equity, and freedom of choice. There is much, much, perhaps much more to Roma Pride, united under the multicolored flag of the LGBTQIA+ community. From this square, Democratic Party Secretary Eli Schlein responded to the government, which he accused of “some word magically disappearing during the G7”. “They can erase some words, but they can’t erase our bodies and our fight for the freedom and equality of all people – says Schliem, marching between rainbow flags and floats – the Democratic Party will fight for equal marriages, for anti-hate law. And for homotransphobia and the rights of all during the year and a half of the Meloni government. Then, Italy ranks lower than Hungary in terms of LGBTQIA+ rights.

Ellie Schlein at the Pride Parade in Rome

The words come after a complicated diplomatic row at the G7 precisely over abortion and the protection of LGBTQI+ people. And on the side of the rainbow community is M5S leader Conte: “The 5 Star Movement is and will be: against regressive pressures, for rights”. The parade, as always, is a big celebration of the struggle, this year led by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri not with the tricolor flag, but also with a rainbow band. There are 40 floats and among the colorful crowd is a fake Pope Francis, who admits on a sign that there is ‘excessive fagotism in this pride’. “Free discrimination in a free state” is the +Europe channel to “put the question of the state’s secularity back at the center,” says secretary Riccardo Maggi, citing the pope’s claim that it is inappropriate to welcome homosexuals in seminaries. But here, on the wave of wanting to be itself, freedom is already a reality: young and old, proud neophytes and veterans, shy and extroverted, some even with little ones, rainbow families or families ‘because we’re all equal’. Later Palestinian flags and some ‘Free Palestine’ signs, the absence of the Jewish queer community at the protest raised the alarm of a possible climate of anti-Semitism by the Geshet Italia association. There are also those who try to stem the tide of rainbows: the Militia Christi mutilated rainbow planters in the municipality of Rome as a sign of protest. In Turin, where another march is taking place, far-right activists scattered stickers along the route protesting the move. It’s now a party on the street in Pro Vita’s Simone Billon on Rome. Godmother Annalisa dances to her victories, and so does the Democratic Party secretary. “We are a million”, organizers are a passion-driven initiative. However, they are numerous and independent.

Video Roma Pride, godmother Annalisa arrives at the parade: ‘I’m excited’

Video Rome Pride, among participants: ‘That word from the Pope? We didn’t expect that

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